Lent Fast Q&A Week 4

  • What is the best way to encourage others around you to "up" their positivity without becoming a word policeman?
  • Wendy, can you talk about how to begin the journey of letting your spirit lead?  What involvement or responsibility does your mind have? 
  • How long did it take you to make positivity an everyday lifestyle? 
  • How do you approach an individual in your life who may be overemphasizing the influence of demons?  How should we interact with those who may tend to be legalistic about what's right and wrong?  Example: Can't use a Christmas tree, or use Easter eggs because of their pagan background.
  • How should I respond to seemingly impossible and difficult relational issues?
  • The Day 16 "End Times Core Values" is good, but I don't know if I can get my head around all of these points.  Could you specify in more detail how to approach the end times?
  • Steve, can you talk about what it means to be an empowering person?