2017 Negativity Fast + Positivity Feast


Renewed Hope & Changed Mindsets

“I decided to do the negativity fast thinking we all could be a little more positive. Wow, I was unprepared for what I was about to experience! During the first few weeks I began to realize that this was so much more than being positive. I began asking myself questions about why I believe certain things. I realized that I was believing lies that other people have said to me or about me. I realized I could no longer have conversations in my head about negative comments and negative beliefs – I am who God says I am. I realized that I am free to be me, free to walk in the calling He has for me. The weight of all the negative conversations and misunderstandings has been lifted! This Negativity Fast has been life changing. I am dreaming again and so excited about what is store in my future. Thank you for this, I am grateful for your ministry and for being willing to break the box of negativity.”

Boldness to Share the Gospel

“In January, I came out of a fourteen month period of extreme hopelessness, despair, shame, and loss of identity. In those fourteen months I was constantly focused on lack and my inability to connect with God –it was a season unlike any I had ever had. Since January, God has slowly been reawakening me to the reality of who I am as His child and the power of hope, which is why I chose to participate in the Negativity Fast.

This past week I shared the Gospel for the first time in my entire life, even though I've had the opportunity time and time again (I've always been too fearful)! I walked into a situation where a few months ago I would've felt hopeless and like it was pointless to mention the Gospel, but as soon as I met the girl I was talking to I had immense HOPE that God wanted to speak straight to her heart. A friend of mine and I prophesied over her for an hour, then I introduced the Gospel to her, and she asked to go to church with us! I would not have had the courage or hope or faith to step out like this a month ago!”

Joy in the Morning

“This testimony is for all the night owls. As we've gone through the Negativity Fast/Positivity Feast I realized that I did not have a positive expectation of joy in the morning. First thing in the morning has not been the time I typically abounded in joy or abounded at all. I realized I didn't typically wake up joyful, although I would experience joy quite a bit at other times of the day. So, I started confessing, “I have joy in the morning, even first thing in the morning.” Well, praise God, this morning I woke up in joy and I was being so overwhelmed with joy as I was getting ready to leave this morning, I almost fell over in my bedroom. I was wondering if I was even going to be able to make it in for our ladies Bible study this morning! This is really encouraging to apply the joy declarations to other areas that haven't been typically joyful times, like when I need to make decisions about big things, etc. It is kind of exciting to see the joy area expand in my life!”

Releasing Healing

“I substitute teach in my city’s school district. One day, one of the students was not feeling well. Several teacher’s aides said that she has had an ear infection for about 3 weeks. I went over and asked her how she was feeling and she said that she had bad pain. She had already been to a doctor but was still in pain. I know there’s a separation between church and state so I knew I had to be wise about how I approached her. I went back over to the girl and  laid my hand on her ear. Some people were watching so I said, “Is your pain right here?” and she said “yes” so I prayed a 2 to 4 second prayer under my breath and asked about her pain. She said it was still bad. So I laid my hand on her ear again and said, “So your Pain is in this area?” Again she said “yes” and I prayed under my breath a second time and asked how was the pain. She said it was bad. I walked away. When everyone was on task, I walked over to her about an hour later and asked if she was still in pain. She looked at me and smiled and said she wasn’t. I inquired and she said the pain left her somewhere in the first hour. I told her that I prayed for her and she smiled. I asked her after lunch and when she was leaving to go home and she said there was no more pain. I was praising God!”

Self-Worth and Hope Restored

“I am writing to thank you for the Negativity Fast. It is Day 19 and it feels like scales are falling off of me each minute. First, I haven't laughed hard or smiled hard in about three years. Due to some experiences, I grew suspicious of people and loved being alone even though I tried being with people (and was a leader in the house of God), then”'failed” to lead an organization that was entrusted to me by spiritual leader because I just didn’t think I was fit for the task (such tasks were made for more qualified people..lol). There was much shame there.

But these past days have flooded my heart with hope, faith and love. I am SO confident in Him who began a good work in me, and that I am his daughter. Now, let’s just say that I am happy, and changing the lives of people around me. I had no idea how much I agreed with lies about my past and what I thought I could or couldn't do. I am just grateful. I am dreaming again, planning again, and hoping again. Jesus is kind. Sincerely grateful that I came across this fast. My life is getting more glorious by the day.”

Healing from Negative Beliefs About Self

“I'd like to thank you for the negativity fast and positivity feast. My life has tremendously changed. I had no idea my beliefs had such a great impact on my life. Each morning, I wake up eager and expectant to open my fast and feast email. On Day 7, you taught us on repenting and you gave us an instruction that read, ‘Write these negative statements about yourself on a piece of paper, and then rip it up! Ask Jesus to speak the truth to you today and write those down as well. You’ll know it’s Jesus speaking if it leaves you filled with hope because hope is the evidence that the renewing of the mind is working!’ I dared myself to do this exercise and an overwhelming sense of release took place. I found myself crying and a burden lifted. I had no idea I was carrying around such a heavy load. The Holy Spirit reassured me that He was not about to give up on me in any way. My life took a new, brighter turn that day. THANK YOU.”

Electricity Testimony

“Thursday, while I was at work, the electric company shows up to disconnect our power. The amount was for $411. After disconnection, we were told the amount to turn the power back on would be over $900. I got paid the next day, but the electric company wasn’t able to wait if we wanted power. My wife and I practiced everything we learned from that day’s devotional plus what we learned from last year's 40 day Negativity Fast. The next day, we kept repeating everything we felt God speak about the year 2017 out-loud. I called the electric company again to get a better idea of what we needed to pay. I was then told that to have our services reconnected we only had to pay $211 and the rest could be put on a 9 month payment plan! Again, the day before we were told it was going to be over $900 to have services turned back on at all.

On Friday while we were waiting for the electric company to come reconnect our power, we decided to re-read the day’s devotional. While reading the part about prophesying to dead things to be alive, our electricity and the lights came back on!!”

Testimony From Not “Feeling” Anointed

“Today I didn't have time to read the daily email in the morning and decided I'd read and journal about it later today (Day 5). Apparently it would have been better to read in the morning after all, but I have a testimony anyway! Without being intentional (because of today’s 'Ignite Today’s Truth' activation) or feeling anointed I got to pray for someone. I laid my hands on her, without paying much attention to it. She then told me she was feeling heat! It was totally the anointing, even though I initially didn't feel anything or think about it! God just gave that to me without even having a 'challenge' in mind. I'm so excited for all God is doing and every day of this fast will change my life! Thanks for doing what you do!”


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