Application for Backlund Translation

Thank you so much for your interest in translating a Backlund book. We are passionate about the message of hope, joy and renewing the mind and are excited about it spreading further! Thank you for being part of that.

Please answer these questions so we can know how we may be able to best work with you.

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** Please note that should we make an agreement and you wish to officially print and distribute the book in your country, it will be your responsibility to take full ownership of the costs of translating, printing, marketing and distributing the book in your country. Any royalties agreed would be paid after you have covered all of your costs. The translation would remain the property of Igniting Hope Ministries and you would not have the right to sell the language rights to a publisher or printer.

Many thanks and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Translations Intern to Steve Backlund