Week 1 Podcast

Listen below to our first week's podcast for Levels 2 and 3! This is a session answering common questions from last year's fast. Submit your questions about the negativity fast journey, or questions you have about hope, joy, beliefs, declarations, etc. to fastandfeast@ignitinghope.com. Steve and Wendy will answer as many as they can in a podcast each week.

Questions Answered in This Podcast:

  1. Is it okay that I’m inconsistent with my joy? Some days declaring and happy, some days not?
  2. How do I stay positive in relationships and church when I’ve been hurt by the same people repeatedly?
  3. What are keys to overcoming fear and panic struggles or fatalistic thinking?
  4. What do you do when you can’t hear from God what is next in life? How do you stay positive when it feels like the Lord is not there and not answering?
  5. How do you stay hopeful and not waver when situations look hopeless?
  6. What insight do you have for people dealing with fear and shame?