Week 2 Podcast

Listen below to our latest podcast for Levels 2 and 3! This is a session answering common questions from last year's fast. Submit your questions about the negativity fast journey, or questions you have about hope, joy, beliefs, declarations, etc. to fastandfeast@ignitinghope.com. Steve and Wendy will answer as many as they can in a podcast each week.

Questions Answered on This Podcast:

  1. How do I respond to the person who says God doesn’t answer their prayer for fulfill a promise we expected to come to pass (for instance, “I prayed for my mother to be healed from cancer, but she died.”)?
  2. What is the best way to overcome feeling “low” or slightly oppressed for no apparent reason?
  3. How do you respond to someone who is complains and curses each day? 
  4. I’ve been seeking healing for multiple health problems. How do strongholds affect this?
  5. Should I expect things to get worse in life circumstances during this fast?