Week 3 Podcast

Listen below to our latest podcast for Levels 2 and 3! 

This is a session answering the questions you recently submitted, listed below. Submit more questions about the negativity fast journey, or questions you have about hope, joy, beliefs, declarations, etc. to fastandfeast@ignitinghope.com. Steve and Wendy will answer as many as they can in a podcast each week!

Questions Answered on This Podcast:

  1. Would you explain "capturing our thoughts"? To me it's always sounded like trying to catch the wind. How do you do capture your thoughts in a practical way? 
  2. What do you mean by "success is a state of being" and what does this look like in a person's life? If success is not the goal, what is the overall goal in life?
  3. How does one practically deal with negative triggers from the past to forgive and let go of hurts? What has worked well for you?
  4. How do I stay authentic when people ask me how I am doing? Is it lying to say I am fine when I am emotionally struggling?
  5.  How do I stay positive when I see so many things on the news that are negative – things like ISIS, the economy, governmental decisions that I am in disagreement with?