Beliefs Assessment

How well do your beliefs truly align with what God says is true? If we believe truth, we will experience greater freedom in our emotions and in our experiences. If we believe lies, we will be plagued with hopelessness and difficulty. Take our Beliefs Assessment to help you assess what you believe in four key areas of life – beliefs about yourself, God, circumstances, and other people in your life. After your assessment, we will give you suggestions for what you can do to believe truth at a higher level.

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Spirit Awareness Assessment

If you are a Christian, you are born of Spirit (John 3:6). You are predominantly a spirit living in an earthly body. How aware are you of your spirit that is now alive in Christ? Take this assessment to learn more about the level of your awareness of your own spirit, along with suggestions to increasing your spirit awareness.

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Empowerment Assessment

How empowering are you towards those around you? Do you make opportunities for others to grow and become equipped towards their passions and destinies? Take this assessment to learn how empowering you are in leading in your family, your church, business, or in other areas, as well as practical ways you can begin empowering those around you in greater ways.

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