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  • Welcome to the Beliefs Assessment! The purpose of this assessment is to help you identify how well your beliefs align with God’s truth in four key areas of life: beliefs about self, God, circumstances, and other people.

    How To Take This Assessment

    The assessment is made up of 32 questions in a fill-in-the-blank format. You will select one word that best describes how you feel about something (i.e. always, often, sometimes, rarely, or never). Read each sentence and determine which answer best fits for your current mindset. Remember, this isn’t a test but an assessment, so try not to overthink your responses, or choose what you think you should believe, rather than what you currently believe. The more honestly you can answer about yourself, the best you’ll be able to assess the current state of your beliefs.

    Your Results

    Shortly after submitting your assessment, you will receive your results by email along with suggestions for improving your beliefs in each area.

    The assessments on this website are not designed to produce detailed individual analysis or prescriptions, but they can be helpful to assess your current understanding and experiencing the focus of the assessment.