Beliefs Training

Beliefs Training is a coaching-style of ministry within Igniting Hope with the goal of launching people into their prophetic destinies and equipping them for greater levels of leadership. Modeled after physical fitness training, Beliefs Trainers partner with you to identify specific belief areas that are limiting you from reaching your full potential, help you become more proactive in your thinking, and then create a tailored plan to help you “workout” your beliefs (we believe no one wants “flabby” beliefs!).

The Beliefs Trainer will provide personalized training to help you target any negative or limiting belief systems in your life and replace them with positive, biblical ones. They will also equip you with various tools taught through Igniting Hope Ministries to renew your mind, with the ultimate goal of coaching you into achieving breakthrough to reach your God-given potential.

How Does It Work?
Beliefs Training is conducted totally online through email and video conferencing, and anyone in the world may participate. Once you have registered for Beliefs Training, we will assign you an Igniting Hope Beliefs Trainer. Your assigned trainer will email you with initial training information, including a link to our Beliefs Assessment, which will help you and your trainer identify which specific beliefs areas to work on and help you make the most of your video conferencing sessions together. Your trainer may also ask you specific questions about how you feel your beliefs in certain areas could be improved.

Your Beliefs Trainer will also send regular emails to check your progress and create targets along the way, helping you make the most out of the Beliefs Training.

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