Change Your Self-Talk With These Four Phrases

Change Your Self-Talk With These Four Phrases

Change Your Self-Talk With These Four Phrases

by Wendy Backlund

Whether we’re aware of it or not, we’re continually communicating to ourselves. We’re internally and verbally relaying messages to our spirits of hope and encouragement, or even death and discouragement all day long through our self-talk. Proverbs 18:21 says “Life and death is in the power of the tongue.” It’s amazing how we can shift and bring life to our emotions and the state of our physical bodies just by speaking something Truth-filled and different (which also causes us to think something different). Take time today to notice your self-talk and how it affects you.

For instance, one poor phrase we often tell ourselves is, “I have to do X today.” Without realizing it, you will probably feel a heaviness or dread attached to that task because you’re communicating it as something you’re begrudgingly required to do. Instead, trying switching it up from “I have to” and say “I get to do X today.” Speak it out loud and your body will respond with increased anticipation and energy towards that task.

Another poor, energy-draining phrase we commonly tell ourselves is “This is hard.” When we say this and agree with this idea, our bodies and our emotions respond negatively with overwhelmed feelings and the desire to quit. In these instances, instead, say out loud, “This is easy and fun!” Say it like you mean it, and you will begin to feel a shift occur within you. Your creativity and confidence will begin to flow again.

Here are a two more phrases that are great to say to yourself everyday to help your body function at its best and to help you maintain your joy:

  • “My best is more than enough.” This is one of my favorites phrases. I try to keep these words dancing in my head all day so I am less likely to feel self-doubt or fear of failure. I use this declaration to remind myself that I am co-laboring with God and the unseen realm, so therefore everything I do is touched by the supernatural.
  • “I love moving my body.” I use this when I don’t get a good parking space near the door, or when my body feels tired or achy, and wants to give up. And parents, it’s also when you’ve just sat down for a moment and one of the kids needs you to do something for them again.

We all have self-talk continually running in our minds. Begin to become aware of how your own thoughts affect your emotions and your body. Intentionally creating new, life-giving phases in your self-talk will guide you towards a healthier and happier you.


Wendy Backlund, along with her husband Steve, is from Bethel Church in Redding, CA. Wendy and Steve have a unique ministry that ignites hope, passion, joy, victorious mindsets and healthy relationships. They were senior leaders of renewal churches from 1991 to 2008 (Round Mountain, Nevada, and Weaverville, CA). The Backlunds travel regularly ministering to churches and leadership teams. Wendy has a passion for setting Christians free from their past and empowering them in their walk with Christ. She is a revelatory speaker, author, and teacher, enabling people to see life from a supernatural perspective.

Learn more about Wendy and her teaching at wendybacklund.com.

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