Four Key Areas to Declare Truth Over 

Four Key Areas to Declare Truth Over 

We just started our Igniting Hope, 30-Day Declaration Experiment on June 1. (More info on this here.) This is an exciting event where we challenge people to make at least 100 declarations per day for a month and see what happens. There are four important themes we’ll mention (amongst others)  throughout the experiment. These areas are important aspects of our lives for us to believe truths, even beyond our 30-day experiment. They are as follows:

1) Declarations Over Past Prayers (overcoming vain repetition in prayer) – “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:6-7). The key phrase in this passage is “with thanksgiving.” The moment we add thanksgiving to our prayers, we move from begging into faith. Using the words “thank you” concerning past prayers creates some of the strongest declarations. “Thank you, Father, You are touching the hearts of my family with your love.” “Thank you, Lord, that you are meeting all my financial needs abundantly.” “Thank you that miracles are increasing for me and through me.”

2) Declarations Over Tomorrow (overcoming pessimism or passivity about the future) – There are three ways to approach the future. First, we can have foreboding, which is the confident expectation bad is coming. Second, we can be passive, where we neither have a negative nor a positive expectation. Third, we can have faith that good things will happen because of God’s promises, God’s goodness, and because of what we have prayed in the past. It is this third approach that causes us to be catalytic in our environments, and it is making declarations today that will increase our faith for tomorrow. “Tomorrow will be a tremendous day. Every meeting I have will be kingdom advancing. My family interactions will be blessed. I will move forward in my life in significant ways, and I will release life-changing encounters with God wherever I go.”

3) Declarations Of Our True Identity (overcoming getting our beliefs from our past experience) – We cannot consistently do what we don’t believe we are. For instance, if we try to act like we are righteous while still believing we are sinners, we will not have long lasting success. Gideon had to hear he was a mighty warrior before it started to manifest in him (Judges 6). We, too, need to hear who we really are. Declarations are the main way to do this. “I am righteous, anointed, loving, joy-filled, wise, prosperous, protected evangelistic, and blessed.”

4) Declarations About the People In Our Life (overcoming a lack of hope about others) – Just as we are not who our past says we are, neither are the people in our lives. Certainly, we don’t discount the past when it comes to how much access a person will have to me or the people I love, but highly influential people actually believe in others even more than they believe in themselves. Declarations are a powerful way to upgrade our beliefs about those in our lives and to believe that our prayers for others are working. “Susie is a strong lover of people. She is a revivalist who makes greats decisions. She is the righteousness of Christ, and she is a person of increasing protection and blessing.”

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