It Is Getting Easier: The Power of Repetition and Practice

It Is Getting Easier: The Power of Repetition and Practice

God has “wired” us for things to get easier. Whether it is driving a car, riding a bike, studying mathematics, or speaking in front of people, we will find ourselves moving from experiencing it as difficult to finding it much easier. The key ingredient is practice and repetition. If we don’t give up and keep practicing, we will find these type of experiences become less difficult.

As you probably know, I like to laugh at lies. Laughter is a powerful spiritual weapon that helps us break off the tendency to get our beliefs from our past experience instead of what God has said. With that in mind, let’s laugh at these lies:

  • If a toddler has difficulty walking, it means they do not have the gift of walking. Ha ha.
  • If a person has difficulty walking in joy, it means they do not have the gift or capability of joy. Ha ha.
  • If it is hard for a person to evangelize, then that person does not have the gift of evangelism. Ha ha.

Here are some areas that seemed difficult to me at first, but have become easy (or much easier) through repetition and practice:

  • Speaking – I was petrified of speaking in front of others. It was very hard for a season, but I said yes to every speaking opportunity I could do (no matter the size), and now it is easy.
  • Writing – I had writers’ block and a host of other hindrances (poor sentence structure, poor punctuation skills, etc.), but I decided to force myself to write by having a weekly deadline for a local newspaper in Nevada. It has now become easy to write.
  • Traveling – I would be “wiped out” from the shortest trips, and if I would go overseas, I would seem to take a week to recover. Now I can bounce back quickly and hardly feel the effects of travel because I have built up my travel muscle through having a victorious mindset about travel.
  • Doing meetings well – For many years I have been in many meetings each week (church meetings, group meetings, and individual meetings). These too would tend to drain me, but they have become much easier through the years.

There are many other areas where things have become easier for me because of repetition and practice. For example: follow through on what I said I was going to do, forgiving others, forgiving myself, overcoming frustration, sleeping better, listening to others, being empathetic, eating better, not being impulsive in financial decisions, and many other aspects of my life.  

As we refuse to let our struggles create our beliefs about who we are and what we can do, we become ready to persevere through repetition and practice and do what many who have gone before us believed they could not. For more on this, listen to this week’s podcast.

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Steve Backlund was a senior pastor for seventeen years before joining the team at Bethel Church in Redding, CA in 2008. Steve is a leader developer, joy activist, a revivalist teacher, and as Senior Associate Director, is a key part of the Global Legacy (a ministry of Bethel Church) leadership team. He travels extensively throughout the world encouraging churches and leaders and has authored a number of books.