Ministry Update |  September 2017

Ministry Update | September 2017

Dear Igniting Hope Family,

Welcome to those who are new to our Igniting Hope newsletter.

As I pray for you today, I am hearing these words: GREAT IS HIS FAITHFULNESS OVER YOU. Hebrew 10:23 is one of my favorite verses. “Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful.” We at Igniting Hope are not into positive thinking, but we are proponents of biblical optimism, and it our prayer that this hope-filled perspective will influence you to do what you never thought you could do. We bless you with increased hope today.

Igniting Hope Team Update

A lot has been happening on our team. Here is an update:

  • We said good-bye to two Igniting Hope employees – Heidi O’Brien (our daughter) and Julia Graham (a spiritual daughter) both left us in August. Heidi has worked for us for three years and has done a tremendous job as our business manager. She is now working for an accounting office in Redding so we will still see her a lot. Julia, who has served Wendy as her project manager for two years, just got married and has moved to the Seattle, Washington, area. She took Wendy to new levels and will be missed.
  • Welcome Sarah Gerber and Connie Jones – They are both Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry graduates and are now staff members of Igniting Hope. Sarah works for both Bethel’s Global Legacy and Igniting Hope to oversee our calendar and the eleven third year Bethel students who serve our ministry. Connie will oversee travel and our resources They join long standing employee Megan Cotton (IH project manager) as the staff who serves you and our ministry. It is a great team.

Personal Updates

  • We took a lot of time off in July and did a staycation in Redding. It was so good.
  • We have had some good family time (especially with our grandchildren).
  • Duncan, our dog, got sprayed by a skunk recently (third time that has happened)
  • Steve has golfed a lot this summer (13 times in July alone). It has been therapeutic. He now seems fully recovered.
  • Wendy has been doing some improvements to the interior of our house (something she loves to do).

Ministry Notes and Happenings

  • Wendy’s book Victorious Emotions has been the most popular book we have ever released (according to initial sales).
  • Steve’s July trip to Turkey was so impactful to him as he interacted with the people there and got to experience places where great Bible events took place.
  • We are working on a new website. It should be done in a few months.
  • Upcoming travel includes: Nevada, Texas, Colorado, Alberta, Toronto, Connecticut, Oregon, South Africa, and Kansas.

Upcoming Events

More info will be coming on these:

  • Wendy’s Feasting on the Spirit will happen again this November.
  • Redding’s Steve and Wendy School of Victorious Living – It will be an all day event on Saturday, November 4.
  • Annual Negativity Fast + Positivity Feast starts on February 14. Many individuals and groups have done this each year.
  • Culture of Empowerment event – Join Steve Backlund, Phil Backlund and Melissa Amato (authors of The Culture of Empowerment) for a two hour teaching session on Thursday night October 12 at Bethel Church.

Did You Know?

  • Most of the Backlunds’ books are on Kindle.
  • You can order books, clickers and other products at bulk prices by emailing connie.jones@team.ibethel.org.
  • Igniting Faith in 40 Days is available as an audiobook.
  • Steve releases a weekly podcast message (5 to 10 minutes) that will ignite hope, joy, and increase your influence.
  • Let’s Just Laugh at That for Kids 2 is being completed now and should be available in November. Check out our first children’s book here.

Thank you so much for you love and support to us.

Steve and Wendy


Steve and Wendy were senior pastors for seventeen years (including at Mountain Chapel in Weaverville, CA) before joining the team at Bethel Church in Redding, CA in 2008. They are developers of leaders, authors, joy activists, and train people in the power of biblical mind renewal. They travel extensively throughout the world through Bethel’s Global Legacy and through their own ministry, Igniting Hope Ministries. Steve and Wendy have three children, six grandchildren, a dog named Duncan, and cat named Mr. Mittens.