Morning Declarations to Bless Your Day

Morning Declarations to Bless Your Day

  1. This will be a great day. This is the day the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it. (Psalm 118:24)
  2. I am a person of great hope and optimism. In every situation I face today, I will be confident and know what I am to do. (James 1:5)
  3. Because I believe there is a solution for every difficulty, I will see solutions manifest in incredible ways, even in the most difficult situations. (2 Kings 4:1-7)
  4. My past prayers are powerfully working today. My thanksgiving concerning these petitions is key for me to live worry-free and in peace today. (Philippians 4:6-7)
  5. Because I have vision for my future, I realize today is a day of training for my prophetic destiny. Everything I face is an opportunity to build spiritual “muscles” for my increasingly influential days ahead. (Philippians 3:12-14)
  6. My soul will prosper today. My response to what happens today will be more important than what happens. (3 John 2)
  7. I am significant and what I will do today will be significant for Kingdom advancement. (Mark 9:24)
  8. I will positively impact every location, every meeting, and every person I encounter today. (Acts 5:15)
  9. Everything in my past is working for good today. (Romans 8:28)
  10. I will walk in the joy of the Lord today because it is my strength. I choose to be glad today even though there are unresolved situations and uncertainties in my life. My joy is a catalytic force that advances the Kingdom. (Nehemiah 8:10; Romans 14:17)
  11. Today I will be supernaturally propelled by God’s grace to walk in personal victory, prosper in my relationships, and impact the world mightily for Him. (Psalm 1:2-3)
  12. I will not lose heart today because I believe I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living (Ps 27:13).
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Steve Backlund was a senior pastor for seventeen years before joining the team at Bethel Church in Redding, CA in 2008. Steve is a leader developer, joy activist, a revivalist teacher, and as Senior Associate Director, is a key part of the Global Legacy (a ministry of Bethel Church) leadership team. He travels extensively throughout the world encouraging churches and leaders and has authored a number of books.

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