017 | 10 Declarations to Help Our Nation

017 | 10 Declarations to Help Our Nation

There are many things believers can do to help heal and bring life to their nation (e.g. evangelism, prayer, releasing the supernatural, love, finding our specific assignment, etc.). Besides these, one of the most powerful things we can do is speak life to the dry bones of our nation (Ezekiel 37; Proverbs 18:21). When we declare God’s truth, it increases the likelihood of that spiritual reality manifesting in our nation. And as we begin to possess a Mark 11:23 belief that we can have whatever we say, we will see the mountains of racial disunity, lawlessness, poverty, corruption, secularism, violence, family breakdown, and hatred be removed.

Here are ten powerful declarations to declare:

  1. My prayers are impacting my nation in incredible, positive ways (Mark 11:24; James 5:16-18).
  2. My prayers for my national leaders are bringing peace, safety, and radical conversions to our land (1 Timothy 2:1-4).
  3. God is raising up men and women of courage, righteousness, and supernatural favor to guide us into a great season of blessing as a nation (Judges 6:12ff).
  4. The presence of the righteous in our land protects it from disasters, plagues, and poverty (Genesis 18,19).
  5. There is an increasing amount of people that God is strategically placing in government, media, entertainment, education, and other key parts of society (Daniel 1).
  6. In a single day, whole cities and regions are being transformed by the love and power of God (Acts 8).
  7. Radical conversions are happening all across my nation, with people forsaking sin, coming to Jesus, getting water baptized and becoming powerful leaders in my nation (Acts 19:1-20, Acts 9).
  8. “For such a time as this,” I am being raised up to save my nation (Esther 4:14, Revelation 19:10.
  9. I am part of a massive amount of people in my nation that God is baptizing with a fresh Spirit baptism to shake our nation (Acts 1:8).
  10. My hope level determines my influence level, and my hope is growing for what God is doing and will do in my nation (Ezekiel 37).
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