Missed the conference but still want to hear these life-changing messages from Steve and Wendy Backlund? 

You can now purchase and download the audio recordings of these 8 conference sessions for $25. Sessions include:

  1. “The Key to Breakthrough” – Steve & Wendy Backlund
  2. “Victorious Emotions” – Wendy Backlund
  3. “Empowering Yourself and Others” – Steve Backlund
  4. “Change the Channel” – Steve & Wendy Backlund
  5. “Limitless Thinking and Living” – Wendy & Steve Backlund
  6. “Living from the Unseen” – Wendy Backlund
  7. “Walking in Faith or Duty” – Steve Backlund
  8. “Child-likeness and Joy” – Steve Backlund

*Note: All 8 Minute Hope Injections are available to view for free on Instagram and Facebook.