Beliefs Trainer Certification Program Application


We are so excited to announce that we will be launching our first ever Beliefs Trainer Certification Program starting Monday, April 5th, 2021!

This course is for you if you have completed Level 2 of the Transformational Mind Renewal Course and have a desire to go deeper and help other people to renew their minds with truth that sets them free. To apply simply add this product to your cart, pay the $35 application fee and fill in the application form that will be emailed directly to your inbox.

Read below for more information on certification.


Benefits of becoming an Igniting Hope Certified Belief Trainer:
  • Have a deeper relationship with Steve, Wendy, and Igniting Hope staff and family.
  • Be endorsed by Igniting Hope to do your own Belief Training sessions with others.
  • Your name and region will be listed on our website as a certified trainer.

The Beliefs Trainer Certification Course package includes:

  • 5 Week course with Yvette Van Zyl as your trainer.
  • Live Zoom connection times with Yvette (weekly during the 5-week course and bi-monthly afterward for the year of your certification).
  • Quarterly Topical Zoom Sessions with Igniting Hope team, including Steve and Wendy Backlund.
  • Your name and region will be listed on Igniting Hope Website as a Certified Beliefs Trainer.
  • A Facebook Group for Certified Beliefs Trainers.
  • Free and discounted Igniting Hope resources (FREE Negativity Fast (Level 2), Feasting on the Spirit (Level 2), and Abounding Hope and Joy Conference. 50% Discount on current and future courses on Igniting Hope Academy).
  • Access to additional consulting strategy meetings with Yvette to assist you in your Beliefs Trainer journey at a special discounted price (available for one-on-one and group consulting).
  • Access to our online beliefs training library which will include recordings of the online connection times and training sessions.
  • Certification certificate at the end of the course (*for one year: must be renewed annually to maintain the benefits of the connection with our team, discounts on events/courses, and having your name listed on our website).
Application Process:
  • Pay $35 application fee
  • Fill in application form
  • Go through interview process
  • Once selected, pay the $1297 certification fee
  • Join us for 3 – 4 hours per week for the 5 week course

Please note* to remain certified and stay connected to Igniting Hope there will be an annual renewal fee of $299 (includes recertification, name on Igniting Hope Website, bi-monthly calls with Yvette, and other benefits listed above in the package).

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