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Overcome limiting beliefs to live a victorious life of influence!  Sign up for the Beliefs Training Package  ($180) which includes three Beliefs Training sessions (2 x 45-minute sessions and 1 x 30-minute session) with one of our expert trainers, daily emails from Steve Backlund with an audio podcast, a PDF of Steve’s book Igniting Faith in 40 Days, and more. Read the description below for further information and product details.

Note* Please only purchase/sign up for one person at a time. The email you use is the email that will receive the instructions and Fast.


We know that you want to live an empowered and hope-filled life, full of momentum toward your destiny. In order to do that, you need a breakthrough in the areas of your life that are not fueled by hope and joy-filled beliefs. Beliefs Training can help you:
  • Get breakthrough in seemingly hopeless circumstances
  • Gain momentum and vision for your life
  • Increase your influence through upgraded beliefs

We help people overcome limiting beliefs through a biblically-based 5 step mind renewal process that leads to transformational hope, joy-filled living, and catalytic influence.

When you book a package with us, we walk you through the steps to identifying limiting beliefs and renew your mind with truth. You will be able to walk away with renewed hope, empowered for a victorious life.
Your Beliefs Training Package ($180) Includes:
  • Three 1-on-1 online Beliefs Training sessions with an expert trainer (2 x 45 minutes and 1 x 30 minute session)
  • A personalized, strategic plan for breakthrough in target areas of your life
  • All of the Level 2 Package of the Negativity Fast & Positivity Feast (daily emails from Steve Backlund with an audio podcast, Steve’s 5 Keys for Breakthrough video, PDF of Steve’s book Igniting Faith in 40 Days, Abounding Hope & Joy audio series)

When you sign up for the Beliefs Training Package, you will begin receiving daily emails for 40 days. The Beliefs Training team will contact you directly by email once you sign up to set up your Beliefs Training sessions.

Note* Please do one purchasing transaction per person. You can only sign up for one person at a time. The email you use is the email that will receive the instructions and Fast.

We have a limited number of spaces available each season, so book your package today!

What People Are Saying:

“After a few months of meeting with [my trainer] monthly, I saw greater and greater breakthrough not only in my health, but in finances, relationships with others, and myself! Wow! These sessions have helped me be transformed to walk in a daily higher living of God’s abundance! I can accept and embrace my future, and no longer run from my calling because of fear. Once the lies are removed, I could hear God clearer and see the direction He was taking me! I am able to embrace the gifts and talents God’s given me to bless others!” – Client

“I had felt so defeated and did not feel worthy enough to be used by God for the future…[My trainer] went tenderly and helped me to unlock lies and saw lies beneath the pain… I couldn’t see it on my own and needed outside help. She helped me get back on my feet again.” – Ruth

“After two sessions with my beliefs trainer, I identified some major root beliefs that have been keeping me trapped in hopelessness. I’m now easily able to identify lies when they swarm my thoughts and know how to refocus on my specific truths that bring me peace.” – Madi

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