Beliefs Training Youth Package


Sign up for the Beliefs Training Package Youth Package  ($150) which includes three Beliefs Training sessions (2 x 45-minute sessions and 1 x 30-minute session) with one of our expert trainers. Read the description below for further information and product details. Recommended Ages: 12 to 19 y/o

**Note: Please only purchase/sign up for one person at a time. The email you use is the email that will receive the instructions to schedule your Belief Training sessions.**


Recommended Ages: 12 to 19 y/o

**Note: from the date of purchase of the BT sessions, you have 6 months to start your sessions before it expires. Once you have had your first session, the rest of your sessions need to be completed within 3 months from the first session date.**

What is Beliefs Training about?

Jesus came for us to have an abundant, hopeful, happy life. Sometimes, the things we believe about ourselves and our circumstances can hinder us from experiencing the life He paid for us to have. This means that at times, we get afraid, we get anxious, or deal with self-esteem issues and we feel like things won’t ever change…this is called hopelessness. Just like you, we have battled with these things and can come alongside you to help you experience breakthrough from the things you feel are holding you back. In a beliefs training session, through a video-call session with one of our trainers, we help you uncover the beliefs that are stopping you from experiencing your most joyful and fulfilled life.

What’s included in the Beliefs Training Youth Package?

  • Three 1-on-1 online Beliefs Training sessions with an expert trainer 
    • (2 x 45 minutes and 1 x 30 minute session through a video call)
  • A personalized, strategic plan for breakthrough in target areas of your life

We have a limited number of spaces available each season, so book your package today!

What People Are Saying:

“Through my beliefs training session I realized that I can partner with God to see my breakthrough! I used to think that only if prayed the right prayer or the right person would pray for me, God would answer. God showed me that we get free by partnering with Him and believing the truth, and this has been so life-changing and empowering! I used to think that having hopelessness in areas of my life was normal, but I realized God does not intend for any area of my life to be hopeless. I now get excited when I see hopeless areas because I know that God is about to expose a lie and replace it with His life-giving truth, which always creates overflowing hope!” – Client

“I’ve experienced a breakthrough in how I see myself, especially in confidence to be fully who God created me to be. I’m experiencing an increase in joy after letting go of  lies that have held me back for years! I’ve also experienced breakthroughs in the practical aspects of my life like finances, housing, and work. Everything I do has so much more life and purpose because of the freedom I’ve realized in my sessions through the partnership with the Holy Spirit, my Beliefs Trainer, and receiving greater levels of truth in my life. I can more confidently make decisions with such clarity that I haven’t had before.” – Client

“I’ve done different one-on-one type coaching sessions in the past, but have found Beliefs Training has brought such an accelerated breakthrough to my life due to its unique emphasis on the prophetic and increase in joy.” – Client 


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