Negativity Fast and Positivity Feast – Level 2 (40-day Online Devotional)


Join the Backlunds for 40 days of renewing the mind during Lent (March 6-April 18, 2019)! Sign up for the Lent Negativity Fast for 40 days of email devotionals straight to your inbox where we will overcome lies and establish truth in our lives. The Level 2 ($35) Package includes daily emails from Steve Backlund with an audio podcast, a PDF of Steve’s book Igniting Faith in 40 Days, and more. Read the description below for more information and product details.


Our annual Lent Negativity Fast and Positivity Feast begins March 6, 2019!

What could happen if you gave God 40 days to renew your mind to think more like Him? Rather than fasting food for Lent, we choose to fast what is really holding most of us back from thriving in life – negative beliefs and lies from the enemy. Join us for 40 days of radical transformation as we let go of lies and instead feast on God’s Truth, becoming “transformed by the renewing of our minds” (Romans 12:2). During the fast, we will focus on four key areas of beliefs: beliefs about yourself, beliefs about circumstances, beliefs about God, and beliefs about others.

Last year over 6,500 people from around the world joined us for this event!  We encourage you to invite your home church, home group, friends, etc. to join you to fast lies and feast on truth, and be transformed as a community.

The Level 2 ($35) Package includes:

  • All of the Level 1 Package (daily emails from Steve Backlund with a daily lie to fast and truth to feast on, a Scripture verse and short message, and an activation)
  • The daily email in audio podcast form: Steve Backlund will read the daily message and share additional revelations on that day’s teaching
  • Steve’s 5 Keys for Breakthrough video: steps for identifying lies and establishing truth long-term in your life
  • PDF of Steve’s book Igniting Faith in 40 Days, which inspired the Negativity Fast
  • Abounding Hope & Joy audio series (6 audio sessions with Steve and Wendy Backlund)

When you sign up for the Level 2 Package, you will begin receiving a daily email starting March 6, 2019 and ending April 18, 2019.

TESTIMONIES from previous participants:

“I just want to say a huge thank you from the bottom of my heart. These truths you are speaking over me and the way God has sat with me and spoken to me through my prayers and reflections this Lent has been truly astounding. He has spoken day after day right into the heart of whatever was going on for me at that very moment!” – Karen O.

“I’ve started to change my negative speech into positives, and this has given me so much more peace, joy, and energy. These materials are life-changing and I will share them with anyone who asks. I wish everyone would do this.” – Sarah B.

“This is the best fast I have ever been on. I look forward to each day. As I started this journey through the daily devotions it has brought up pain that I thought I had already dealt with. It felt so big like I couldn’t get through the lies, but as I continued to press forward, breakthrough happen, big breakthrough/freedom. I feel so blessed each day. So much truth in each devotion, life changing power, it’s breaking off old thinking and starting the new thinking.” – Christina F.

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