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  • Our annual conference took place online this year! We wanted to bring the message of hope, mind renewal, transformation, and joy to your home so we have made the recordings available to all of you! This includes both audio and video recordings of all live main sessions from the conference as well as 5 pre-recorded sessions from Steve and Wendy. Our heart is to ignite momentum in your life through revelatory teaching & tools that will equip you to live a victorious life of hope and joy each day. We believe that now more than ever, this message is vital for ourselves and those around us. We were born for such a time as this (Esther 4:14). As believers, it is our mission to ignite hope & joy in the world around us.  Read below for more details.
  • Overcome limiting beliefs to live a victorious life of influence!  Sign up for the Beliefs Training Package  ($180) which includes three Beliefs Training sessions (2 x 45-minute sessions and 1 x 30-minute session) with one of our expert trainers, daily emails from Steve Backlund with an audio podcast, a PDF of Steve’s book Igniting Faith in 40 Days, and more. Read the description below for further information and product details. Note* Please only purchase/sign up for one person at a time. The email you use is the email that will receive the instructions and Fast.
  • Join the Backlunds for 40 days of renewing the mind! Sign up for the Negativity Fast and Positivity Feast for 40 days of email devotionals straight to your inbox where we will overcome lies and establish truth in our lives. We are offering 3 levels of participation. Details below or email us at for more information.
  • Join Wendy Backlund for her 28-day online devotional, Feasting on the Spirit, where we dedicate the month of November to increase our awareness of our own spirit. We’ll commune deeper with God, and live more from our authority and identity as new creations, born of the Spirit. The Level 1 (FREE) Package has daily emails from Wendy. These devotional emails include a Bible verse to meditate on, revelation from Wendy on living from your spirit, plus a journal and activation prompt. Our Level 2 Package ($25) includes all of Wendy’s daily devotional emails as well as additional resources including audio teaching sessions, a spirit activation encounter led by Wendy Backlund and more!
  • Missed the conference but still want to hear these life-changing messages from Steve and Wendy Backlund?  You can now purchase and download the audio recordings of these 8 conference sessions for $25. Sessions include:
    1. “The Key to Breakthrough” – Steve & Wendy Backlund
    2. “Victorious Emotions” – Wendy Backlund
    3. “Empowering Yourself and Others” – Steve Backlund
    4. "Change the Channel” – Steve & Wendy Backlund
    5. “Limitless Thinking and Living” – Wendy & Steve Backlund
    6. “Living from the Unseen” – Wendy Backlund
    7. "Walking in Faith or Duty” – Steve Backlund
    8. “Child-likeness and Joy” – Steve Backlund
    *Note: All 8 Minute Hope Injections are available to view for free on Instagram and Facebook.