Steve Backlund

Steve Backlund is an encourager, leader developer, joy activist, and a revivalist teacher. He travels extensively throughout the world encouraging churches, leaders, and organizations into catalytic levels of hope. He has a unique anointing to release hope and joy paired with a revelatory teaching gift that creates new wineskins for greater dimensions of God (both personally and corporately).

Dear Friends,

Welcome to Igniting Hope Ministries’ website! My wife Wendy and I are on a mission to ignite hope and joy in the Church and Body of Christ worldwide. We founded this ministry in 2005 with the vision to see lives transformed by renewing our minds (Romans 12:2) with God’s powerful, life-changing Truth. We believe there are no hopeless circumstances, only hopeless people, and when God’s people receive true hope, nothing is impossible for them. I declare that by the time you leave our site today, you’ll receive an increased measure of hope for your future!

Our message of hope and joy was birthed from a season of hopelessness and outward “unsuccess” in ministry. In 1991, God called us into a literal desert season to pastor a church in the tiny town of Round Mountain, Nevada. In this significant season of our lives, God taught us to “repent”, or change the way we think by no longer renewing our minds with our past experience, but rather with what He was saying.

Today, in addition to the co-founder of Igniting Hope, I’m the Senior Associate Director of Bethel Leaders Network (a ministry of Bethel Church in Redding, CA), and travel extensively throughout the world encouraging churches and leaders (scroll below for my Speaker Request form).

My greatest passions include:

  • Equipping and teaching leaders to influence at higher levels. My book The Culture of Empowerment addresses my leadership philosophy about training the next wave of leaders through empowerment.
  • Teaching with my wife Wendy around the world at ministry schools, at conferences, to leaders, etc.
  • Beliefs Training – this is a branch of our ministry that trains Christians in how to renew their minds by addressing specific areas of hopelessness and lies they may be believing to enter into breakthrough.
  • Writing books – I’ve authored a number of books on topics related to hope, joy, and renewing the mind, like Declarations, Let’s Just Laugh at That, Possessing Joy, Higher Perspectives, Divine Strategies for Increase, and more.
  • Spending time with my wife Wendy, my three children, seven grandchildren, and our rescue dog, Duncan.

I hope that as you explore our site, you find resources that spark hope where you feel hopeless, renew your mind with God’s Truth, equip you as a leader, and lead you into lasting breakthrough.

Unreasonably Optimistic,


Steve has authored a number of books and created several resources to equip the Body of Christ, and leaders of every sector, into greater levels of hope, joy, and divine strategies for increase.

Steve’s most popular resources include:

Speaking Request

Senior pastors and local church leaders are our heroes! Steve has a mandate to equip the local church and empower it’s leaders around the world. He is also extremely passionate about equipping leaders in different sectors of society. If you’d like to invite Steve to speak to your congregation, at a conference, or to your leadership team, please click the button below to fill out a Speaking Request Form.


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