25 Easter Declarations

25 Easter Declarations

Here are 25 powerful declarations from some of our mighty Igniting Hope team members. We encourage you to intentionally speak these out-loud while engaging your faith and spirit. Get ready to witness God transform and upgrade things around you this Easter!

  1. The resurrection power of God lives in me. 
  2. I have life-giving emotions based on the resurrection power of God. 
  3. I am stepping into a greater revelation of the resurrection of Jesus Christ!
  4. My family is growing closer together this Easter. 
  5. Jesus has empowered me to walk without sin.  
  6. Easter is a time for mass salvations!
  7. My old self died with Christ and I was raised as a new creation.
  8. New life and new hope is being released this Easter season. 
  9. With Easter comes incredible breathrough for healing. 
  10. I celebrate the freedom that the cross has won for me. 
  11. I will laugh a lot this Easter.
  12. I walk in resurrection power. 
  13. My family experiences the love of Christ through me. 
  14. People around me experience the freedom and benefits of what Jesus did on the cross. 
  15. This Easter, my family is entering into a new season of encountering the risen King. 
  16. The prodigals are returning with a fresh ability to receive the Father’s love. 
  17. I naturally carry and release the resurrection love and power of Jesus Christ daily!
  18. I have a greater and greater revelation of what Jesus did for me on the cross.
  19. I celebrate the Resurrection Life that dwells inside me.
  20. Dead dreams, dead relationships, dead churches, and dead gifting are being resurrected around me now. 
  21. God uses me to raise the dead. 
  22. I am a resurrected person who releases resurrection life. 
  23. My relationships are going to new levels this Easter.
  24. My family and I enthusiastically celebrate God’s goodness on Good Friday.
  25. My easter basket overflows with great gifts from my Heavenly Father. 

Declarations Written By:

Melissa Amato, Steve Backlund, Niyi Adereti, Caleb Leong, Dean Ras, McKenna Lefever, Heather Sheppard, Jaap Berg, Madysen Lenihan, Peter Haynes, Darlene Fussle, Emma Nainby, Edson Chavarria, Zach Burandt, and David Alcorn.