5 Keys to Jumpstarting Miracles in Our Lives

5 Keys to Jumpstarting Miracles in Our Lives

5 Keys to Jumpstarting Healing Miracles in our Lives

By Ahab Alhindi

Here are a few powerful keys from one of Steve’s former interns and a supernatural developer of leaders, Ahab Alhindi, about jumpstarting healing miracles in your life and ministry. We release a lifestyle of miracles over you now, in Jesus’ name!

1. Focus on the Person of the Miraculous: Jesus.

It is Jesus who releases miracle working power, and it is the pleasure of the believer to be the conduit by which He releases His power on the earth today. Where the presence of the Healer is, healing is present.

2. Access the Power of Thanksgiving.

It is important to know that whatever you are thankful for increases. We can always find some level of breakthrough to be thankful for. We can always be thankful for the Person of the miraculous!

3. Understand We are to Release Life and Not Petition God to Heal People.

Petitioning is effective in prayer, yet we are not called to pray for the sick, we are called to heal the sick. We don’t need to ask for the authority Jesus has already given us. Therefore, the miraculous will flow through believing people in right alignment with Jesus – those who are confident in the authority He gave us to release life. This attitude is a key for seeing the miraculous increase in your ministry.

4. Give People an Opportunity to Respond to What God is Doing.

Many people you minister to look for healing in prayer, yet Jesus often encouraged those being healed to do something, and as they did that action, they were healed. It is possible to pray without faith; however, it takes some measure of faith to respond to the voice of Jesus and take an action to help bring breakthrough in healing.

When releasing healing for someone, allow them to respond to the Lord and, if possible, test out the body part being healed. We call this “giving God something to work with.”

Note – I am not saying to throw away medicines or disregard a doctor’s orders but to test out your body after prayer as you’re able, and look for the breakthrough.

5. Activate the Power of God Within You.

Just do it! We won’t see miracles unless we believe for them in situations that arise throughout the day or during group ministry settings. I bless you as you step out in your God-given authority and in faith to see Him do what He longs to do in people’s lives.

About Ahab Alhindi 

Ahab Alhindi interned for Steve Backlund in 2012 as a Southern California Regional Catalyst. He and his wife, Jessica, are now itinerant ministers for Bethel Church in Redding, CA. In addition to their role in ministry, they own a local coffee shop and restaurant. Ahab’s heart is to see the Kingdom of God flow in every part of society and to see the body of Christ walk in her fullness. 

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Ahab recently released his first book, Limitless Intimacy, available at the link below.