5 Keys to Living a Life of Joy and Gladness

5 Keys to Living a Life of Joy and Gladness

Today, I want to give you 5 keys to living a life of joy and gladness. Think on these things and write declarations to help increase the “fullness of joy” in every area:

  1. Take your daily medicine: Make it a goal to laugh 400 times a day!

  2. Act more glad and enthusiastic than you really feel: This will grow your “muscles” of gladness, and enthusiasm will begin to flow more naturally.

  3. Renew your mind daily: There are stronghold, both positive and negative, that have been established by repeated thoughts and words (Romans 10:17). As we pursue “full joy,” it is important to know that unchallenged lying thoughts will create and maintain strongholds of the enemy in the spirit of our minds. Therefore, renew your mind with truth to counter every lie.

  4. Make the joy of the Lord your strength (Nehemiah 8:10): Supernatural strength will increase to those who move forward on a pilgrimage to transform hopelessness into life and joy.

  5. Cultivate expectancy: Expect that great joy and gladness are going to change the very DNA of our soul.

I bless you with abundant laughter, heavenly hilarity, and jubilant joy as you become a warrior for living a life of joy!