7 Steps For Increasing Evangelism

7 Steps For Increasing Evangelism

1. Find greater ways to reach children. Most Christians received Christ between the ages of four and fourteen!

2. Pray and declare right now for thousands of souls to be powerfully saved through your life and ministry!

3. Walk in the 1 Peter 3:1 principle concerning family and other long-term relationships. Win them to yourself first and then to your words. Ask God how you can win people to yourself!

4. Find the “son of peace” in every family or group of people you seek to reach (Luke 10:6). Invest in this person to reach the many!

5. Get comfortable talking about the supernatural. Talk about people getting healed and having encounters with God!

6. Increase encouragement and gratefulness to strangers. Let your encouragement transition you into prophetic evangelism!

7. Develop an evangelism committee in your ministry or business. Have someone you trust (and are in good relationship with) be the leader of this group. Let this group pray for souls, discipleship and ways to empower God’s people to reach the lost.