"Do I have to choose between a positive outlook and a realistic one?"

“Do I have to choose between a positive outlook and a realistic one?”

There are some really good recurring questions that people have upon hearing the message of positivity. Here’s one that I very much appreciate, as well as my response to it. I hope it blesses you.

“Aren’t those who make declarations and positive confessions prone to being unrealistic and are often in denial about circumstances that need obedience and action, not just a declaration?”

Certainly these concerns are valid if someone is standing on their confession while ignoring other scriptural principles (or a serious medical diagnosis) about the situation.*  Even though we don’t want to walk in foolishness in our declaration journey, it is important to also realize that God has not called us to be realistic but to live life as He sees it. We do not deny the negative facts of a situation, but we are to declare God’s truth that is higher than the facts. Joel 3:10 is an example of this, “Let the weak say I am strong.” It does not say, “Let the weak say I am not weak,” We don’t deny weakness, but we declare the truth of strength before it has manifested into reality. Declarations thus become an important part of our plan to build our faith to experience all that Jesus has made possible for us to walk in. 

* It is true there may be times where an individual ignores a doctor’s directive in faith, but that should only be done through strong personal assurance, not because of “faith people’s” pressure to do so