A Father's Powerful Nightly Prayer for His Daughter

A Father’s Powerful Nightly Prayer for His Daughter

With Jerome’s permission, we would like to share some of his faith-filled nightly declarative prayer over his daughter.  He is from Genesis Church in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada. 

I always saw God as a mean, overpowering God and never as a Father. Many have that same image of God. Then my daughter was born! I would do anything for her. I lover her more than anything else and yet I could not understand how I would do anything for her. I believed that she could do anything, but in my relationship with God, I never saw Him like that. So I asked Steve, “Why is that?” His answer was this, “God was trying to show you how much he cared and still cares about you through the relationship with your daughter.” 

The Prayer

I have a specific prayer I pray over my daughter every night. I believe God wants me to pray it over you as His son or daughter. Imagine that He is saying it over you like a loving father:

 “The Lord bless you now and keep you, the Lord make His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you and the Lord give you peace. I thank you, Lord that they are above and not beneath. They are the head and not the tail. Everything thing they do is blessed and everywhere they go is blessed. Thank you that they will never know poverty a day in their life. I thank you that your angels are here and your glory is in this room. Nothing else but your glory can be in this room. I thank you that they are going to have sweet dreams and visions with you. In Jesus name, AMEN!”