A Weekend of Breakthrough

A Weekend of Breakthrough

Here is a testimonial blog post from April 9th, 2015 that will ignite even more hope and faith in your daily life. Nothing is impossible with God! Friends of ours in Oregon recently shared testimonies of what the Lord did from just one weekend immersed in mind renewal, hope, and new joy! May your faith increase for what is possible in such a short amount of time as you read the incredible stories of God’s goodness below. God is doing a good work in you! He started it, He has more, and He needs only moments to transform everything! We invite you to feast on testimonies from Hood River, Oregon

A Weekend of Breakthrough

Declaration & Mind Renewal

 My child was sick on Sunday. While my husband was leading worship, I was juggling a baby and a sick Kindergartener. She was vomiting in the toilet and then saying, ‘Come, Jesus!’ Even when she was so sick, she was relying on Him and praying over herself! I tell you, this Kingdom thinking has gotten into the minds of our youngest children and it is coming out when life gets hard for them!

Mind Renewal & Making a Difference

This weekend was huge for me in so many ways. I don’t know where to begin. Let me just say that I started believing I could make different choices than just staying in my cave. While I was leaving church, someone stopped their car, rolled down the window, and told me I was their child’s favorite teacher. I had thoughts before that I didn’t really matter, but now I believe I am seen. I can make a difference!  When the power went out the other night, I got out my headlamp and read some of my new Backlund books I purchased. I think I am going to be seeing some changes. I am already seeing it. I usually sleep with the lights on and the TV going. Last night I let it be quiet and I slept. I am thinking about life differently and feeling hopeful.

Breakthrough from Lies of Inadequacy

 I went on a Randy Clark ministry trip to the Ukraine ten years ago. I’ve been self conscious my whole life about ‘looking young.’ Ten years ago, (even though I was 24 yeas old) I looked more like a teenager. A couple came up for prayer in the ministry line at one of the meetings. They seemed unhappy to see that I was the one who was going to pray for them. I was amazed when they asked the translator if I was really part of the ministry team. Something went off in me at that moment which made me feel inadequate. All my life I felt I was meant to pray for the sick, but after that experience I protected myself from feeling like I was going to disappoint someone or minister inadequately. I started to hang back and let others do the praying for the sick. I recognized the lie I was believing while listening to the teachings this weekend. I believe the Lord has freed me from the lie that I am inadequate and He is now restoring my conviction that I am meant to pray for the sick.

Breakthrough in Dreaming Again

I lived in so much pain and so much sorrow that when I moved here 8 months ago I learned not to hope so that I wouldn’t be disappointed. In fact, I prided myself in being “realistic.” I told other people that was a strength I always had. Hoping and dreaming were buried very very deep. This weekend, I was called out prophetically as someone who was going to have divine strategies for business and immediately I was sure they had the wrong person. Then I got to thinking that God really does want me to start dreaming again and believing that there are things around the corner for me that I can’t even imagine right now. I also started to believe that He really could CHANGE what I pass down to my children by way of my growing faith.

Breakthrough in Higher Beliefs for Finances

I am starting to change my belief system. Instead of complaining how my ex husband won’t pay his child support, I started believing that without it, we’ll still be provided for. God is so good. Yesterday, I was counting change and today I have more then enough!! My ex husband followed through with the child support money. Then I told him, “I’ll report it so it will come off some of the amount he owes.” He said, “Don’t worry about it??!!” I am doing a happy dance and praising God!! It’s amazing how quickly things turned around once I changed what I believed. Whoop whoop!!

Breakthrough in Declarations and Self Worth

I don’t really know where to start – so I will start with my declaration index cards from last night.  Since having baby Grace, I really struggled with body image. In fact, I say horrible things about myself concerning my weight, my looks, and my habits. I also dealt with a lot of shame from my days of using drugs. Well, this morning, I read my cards that say…

  ‘I am a healthy person having an unhealthy experience.’

  ‘ I love to exercise!’

  ‘ I make good, healthy food choices!’

My story of using drugs before I got saved is a story that can give other people hope and help them get saved and set free too!