Commissioning Angels with Our Words

Commissioning Angels with Our Words

Commissioning Angels with Our Words

by Steve Backlund

Here is an excerpt from our book, You’re Crazy If You Don’t Talk to Yourself. Wendy and I are reading it as a devotional together again. We recently read this one. We were so blessed so we thought about sharing it with you.  


There is a new breed of Christian who regularly talks to themselves and to the things in their lives. These have captured the heart of God’s command to Joshua as he stood on the edge of his Promised Land, “This book of the law shall not depart from your mouth” (Joshua 1:8). 

Joshua was not only building up his own faith through this constant speaking, but he was commissioning angelic beings to go before him on his behalf. “Bless the LORD, you His angels, who excel in strength, who do His word, heeding the voice of His word” (Psalm 103:20). Angels respond to the words of life spoken by us. When we speak God’s promises and hope into situations, we give these angelic beings something to work with to accomplish God’s will and promises.

Let me ask you a question: Are angels primarily commissioned by our prayers or by our words? It is a fascinating question that gets to the heart of what we really believe (and who we believe we are). Mark 11:22-24 helps us answer this. “So Jesus answered and said to them, ‘Have faith in God. For assuredly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, “Be removed and be cast into the sea,” and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that those things he says will be done, he will have whatever he says. Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them.’”  Note that the word “says” is mentioned three times and the word “pray” once in this passage. Prayer is important, but too often we cancel our prayer petition through contrary spoken conclusions after prayer. Remember, what we say about a matter after we pray is just as important as what we say when we pray.

I often wonder how many angels are commissioned by our words in prayer and then are stopped halfway to the answer by what we say later. (Is it possible that many angels live a herky jerky, unfulfilling existence?) Now I am not saying we can never discuss the negative facts of a situation after we pray, but I am saying that spoken unbelieving conclusions are a huge problem that can terminate the angel’s assignment. That is an unfortunate reality of the spirit realm that would seem to happen far too often.

Our words set the course of our lives. It is the wise Christian who focuses on what they believe and say in times when God does not seem near. This is the time of real growth for us. It may be difficult to keep agreeing with our words for our past prayers and God’s promises, but it will get easier through time. It will put us (and our descendants) on a course that will dramatically increase “His kingdom coming and His will being done on earth as it is in heaven.” 

Recommended Resource

You’re Crazy If You Don’t Talk to Yourself

“Life is is in the power of the tongue.” (Proverbs 18:21)

Jesus did not just THINK His way out of the wilderness and neither can we. HE SPOKE TRUTH to invisible beings and to the mind-sets that sought to restrict and defeat Him. This book will help you do the same.

You’re Crazy If You Don’t Talk to Yourself is a book that will reveal:

  • The incredible power of words
  • How to overcome word curses
  • The necessity of talking to our soul
  • How words set the course of our life
  • How the “hearing of faith” is the key to the miraculous
  • The priority of speaking TO things, not just ABOUT things
  • We all can and must prophesy to others


Steve Backlund was a senior pastor for seventeen years before joining the team at Bethel Church in Redding, CA in 2008. Steve is a leader developer, joy activist, a revivalist teacher, and as Senior Associate Director, is a key part of the Global Legacy (a ministry of Bethel Church) leadership team. He travels extensively throughout the world encouraging churches and leaders and has authored a number of books.

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