Creating Positive Strongholds

Creating Positive Strongholds

Today I (Wendy) want to write about the power of a positive stronghold, what it is, and how you can create that.

God took me on a journey where He revealed to me how my thoughts become a fortress, and carry a force in the unseen realm that affects my everyday life. 

The meaning of the word stronghold is a place of defense. There are strongholds in everyone’s mind, which always look for proof  to defend what it already believes. If you have a stronghold of rejection, what you look for everyday of  your life, is rejection. The good news is that if it works in the negative, it also works in the positive. You can intentionally build healthy inner strongholds in your life!

When I used to feel hopeless, I would to try to subdue the emotion and take it captive. It was a never- ending battle of forcefully trying to subdue hopelessness. What was revealed to me was that I needed to change the thoughts (strongholds) that produced those hopeless emotions. By changing the beliefs that governs our emotions, instead of constantly subduing emotions, we can create new strongholds within our mind. 

You might be wondering how to build a positive stronghold. Let me give an example.

If you’re going after a stronghold that you’re unconditionally loved, you start by asking God to reveal every lie you believe that makes it hard to believe God loves you unconditionally right now. For instance, do you have guilt or shame from some experience that prevents you feeling loved and accepted? Once you know the lies, ask God to reveal His truth. Begin to declare the truth over yourself three or four times a day. Use emotion when you declare the truth and also use your imagination to visualize what your life would look like if that truth was working in your life. To intentionally build a healthy stronghold for the belief that you are unconditionally loved, begin to look for scriptures and circumstances that prove that you are unconditionally loved.

What positive strongholds does God want you to walk in, but you currently don’t do right now? By taking truths that you intellectually believe and turning them into strongholds through declaring, meditating and receiving revelation, you can be sure that new healthy responses and emotions will automatically follow!