Do you realize you're in a crucial moment?

Do you realize you’re in a crucial moment?

What are the most important moments in the life of a growing Christian? Is it a powerful God encounter? Is it a fresh dedication to the purposes of God? Is it when we hear what the Spirit is saying to the church?

While these are important, I propose that there is another “God moment” that will have a greater effect on our destiny than these. What is it? It’s when we fail or have experiences that do not line up with the promises of God.

In that moment, we have a choice. Do we keep our identity (and God’s identity) in His promises, or do we use experience to empower a negative identity for us and for God? We must remember that negative strongholds are created and strengthened when we put our experiences above God’s Word.

When failure happens, we must think like this: “I may have sinned, but I am not a sinner. I may have had an accident, but I have a covenant of protection. I may be in lack, but I am a prosperous person. Healing may not have manifested, but I am healed and bring healing to others.” I don’t deny my experience, I just don’t create my identify from it. I may need help from others concerning the failure, but I resist the temptation to make negative conclusions from it.

Those who passively rely on experience to identify who they are (and who God is) will greatly limit God in their lives; however, those who seize these crucial moments by taking thoughts captive will powerfully break down restrictive strongholds and enter into their promised land.


I rejoice in apparent times of failure.

These are my crucial moments in life.

I am who the Bible says I am.