Declarations to help you look and feel younger

Declarations to help you look and feel younger

Thank you, Heather, for sending this list of declarations!

For those crossing the “50” yard line (as she called it), we declare over you, 

“Today, it is entirely possible for you to feel better and look younger!”


  • As I speak these words, the external part of my brain is thickening and I am getting sharper, quicker, and clearer in my thinking and my memory.

  • There are no limitations to what I can do or become.

  • My skin glows radiantly, giving me the appearance of being much younger than my years. 

  • My joints and muscles are growing stronger each day.

  • My energy levels, health, and fitness are on a steady incline.

  • My youthfulness is being renewed as I enjoy healthy nutrition, water, and exercise in all the years ahead.

  • My enthusiasm for life is increasing daily – I look forward to each new day knowing the best part of my life is still ahead of me.

  • I do something each day towards fulfilling the dreams in my heart. 

  • The intimacy in my marriage is even more delightful each year than the year before.

  • I am living more hopefully, more joyfully, more lovingly, more peacefully, more carefree, and more fully alive every passing day.