5 Dumb Things Christians Do (Part I)

5 Dumb Things Christians Do (Part I)

5 Dumb Things Christians Do (Part I)

by Steve Backlund


Here is a list of dumb things we do as Christians (and some wise things to do instead!). 🙂 I have done all of these and I celebrate the progress of doing them less and less. 

  1. Disconnecting from Other Christians (Isolating) – We will all have challenging experiences with members of the body of Christ, but isolating ourselves almost never helps. 1 John 1:7 is a great verse to mediate on to grow in this area.
  2. Thinking They’re Superior Than Those Who are Not Believers – Any time we think we are superior to others, and we look down on them, we will find our relationships hindered. Daniel and Joseph both served the dreams of unbelieving leaders and caused them to see God’s reality. 
  3. Thinking God Always Does Things the Same Way – Jesus hardly ever healed anyone the same way. Certainly there are principles that always work, but we cannot just rely on formulas in our journey with Christ and in releasing the supernatural. God has called us into intimacy and into a deeper relationship with Him, not into a religion that focuses primarily on what we do. 
  4. Venting Negativity About Other People – It is almost always unwise to vent frustrations about people who have offended you or hurt you in some way. “Speaking the truth in love” (Ephesians 4:15) is one of the signs of our maturity. If we use anger as our prime way to convince people or to get our way, we will breed deep distrust in relationships. 
  5. Being More Devil-Focused Than God-Focused – Whatever we talk about a lot, we will see more of (Proverbs 18:21). If we talk more about what the devils is doing than what God is doing or has said, then we will actually attract more demonic activity around us. But if we talk more about God’s promises and His protection, we will see that increasingly manifest around us. 

We will share five more dumb things we do next week. For more on these subjects, we recommend Steve’s books Higher Perspectives and Cracks in the Foundation. Scroll below to learn more!

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Steve Backlund was a senior pastor for seventeen years before joining the team at Bethel Church in Redding, CA in 2008. Steve is a leader developer, joy activist, a revivalist teacher, and as Senior Associate Director, is a key part of the Global Legacy (a ministry of Bethel Church) leadership team. He travels extensively throughout the world encouraging churches and leaders and has authored a number of books.

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