How to use "Let's Just Laugh at That" (the book)

How to use “Let’s Just Laugh at That” (the book)

How to use “Let’s Just Laugh at That” (the book)


Truths to Help Understand This Book

Truth brings hope – “Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing” (Romans 15:13). Hope fills us at the moment we believe truth. Hope is the confident expectation that good is coming. Our hope level is the indicator of whether we believe truth or lies. Our hopelessness about a problem is a bigger problem than the problem. There are no hopeless circumstances, only hopeless people. Once someone gets true hope, the circumstance cannot stay the same.

The battle is between truth and lies – “The truth shall make you free” (John 8:32). The kingdom of God is not primarily moved forward by good conduct, but by good beliefs. The New Covenant believer is to be more belief-focused than conduct–focused. We can have great doctrine concerning the foundations of the faith, but still be spiritually weak because we believe lies.

Renewing our minds now transforms future experience– We transform our tomorrow by renewing our minds today (Romans 12:2). We don’t need a new set of circumstances as much as we need a new set of beliefs. The flow of power and blessing is blocked when we believe lies. Personal and situational transformation results from intentionally renewing our minds with truth. The question of the hour is not “Lord, tell me what to do,” but it is “Lord, tell me what to believe.” Right believing will cause right doing and a transformed experience in the promises of God.  

“God laughs in heaven” (Psalm 2:4) –What is God laughing at in this Psalm? He is chuckling at what His enemies are saying and planning. We can become more like God by laughing with Him at the ridiculousness of Satan’s lies. The phrase “Let’s just laugh at that” has the unusual ability to take the power out of demonic deceptions (and then prepare the soil of our hearts for truth).

We have to let go of something in order to laugh– Just as disagreeing family members have to let go of something to laugh together, Christians often have to let go of manipulation, bitterness and/or unbelief to laugh.  

Who told you that?– God asked Adam this in Genesis 3:11. It is an important question for us too after we declare something that is contrary to God’s perspective about circumstances or our own identity.  

Walk in love and wisdom as you live a joy-filled life – We are to “Rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep” (Romans 12:15). We need to be sensitive to where people are at, and to what is going on in their lives, as we seek to bring joy to others.   


How to Get the Most Out of The Book

Understand the five components of each page:

The primary lie to laugh at – This is a “kingpin” lie that limits God’s ability to work in the lives of many. We urge you to read the lie out loud and then laugh audibly. Something powerful occurs when the falsehood is brought into the light.

The laughable assumptions – We have provided a list of “laughable assumptions” to assist in exposing how preposterous the primary lie is. This will help overcome any lingering deception that the primary lie actually may be true.

The truth – “The truth shall make you free” (John 8:32). We cannot simply get rid of a lie, but it must be replaced with truth. In this section, biblical examples and promises are provided to refute the primary lie and the assumptions behind it.

Strategies for overcoming this lie – Each teaching provides at least three helpful steps to accelerate transformation in the area of life that the lie addresses.

Declarations to renew your mind – “Faith comes by hearing” (Romans 10:17). A main way to renew our minds is to declare the truth into our own hearing. Remember, Jesus did not think His way out of the wilderness. Rather, He spoke truth to counteract challenges concerning His identity and the nature of His Father (Matthew 4:1-11). Declarations will help us do the same.


Immerse yourself in this book in these four ways

  1. Read it straight through to get saturated with its truth.
  2. Read it as a personal daily devotional.
  3. Read one page a day with family members. Laugh together, declare together and discuss the truths and strategies presented.
  4. Participate in a group study using this book.

Read Steve’s book Possessing Joy for the biblical and medicinal support for pursuing a life of joy and laughter.

Indeed, joy and laughter are not optional components of the Christian life that is only for certain personalities, but are a vital factor for the strength and longevity we are called to walk in. Possessing Joy will help take the truths of Let’s Just Laugh at That to whole new levels. 

Click here for a lie to laugh at (an excerpt from the book).

About Let’s Just Laugh at That!

Our hope level is an indicator of whether we are believing truth or lies. Truth creates hope and freedom, but believing lies brings hopelessness and restriction. We can have great theology but still be powerless because of deception about the key issues of life. Many of these self-defeating mindsets exist in our subconscious and have never been identified. Let’s Just Laugh at That will expose numerous falsehoods and reveal the truth that will make us free. Get ready for a joy-infused adventure into hope-filled and impactful living.