I Live to Plant Into the Future

I Live to Plant Into the Future

Read this chapter excerpt,”I Live to Plant into the Future (Overcoming being short-sighted)” from Steve’s book Victorious Mindsets:

“A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children” (Proverbs 13:22).

My dad told me to leave things better than I found them. For instance, on a picnic he wanted us to not only clean up our things, but also any mess left by previous people (so that others would have a great place to come to in the future).

Daddy God also tells us, “Improve every environment you are a part of – every meeting you attend, every house you live in, every ministry you are a part of and every relationship you have. Leave an inheritance of better things to those who come after you.”

One way to do this is to “not despise the day of small beginnings” (Zechariah 4:10). It is easy to so desperately want revival’s manifestation now that we are blind to the magnificent things that God is beginning and increasing around us. We can forget that every great person started as a baby; every revival started with tiny choices; every powerful church began as a small group; and every truth that has resulted in thirty-fold, sixty-fold or a hundred-fold fruit had a time when only a small minority even believed the truth was biblical.

Those who walk in victorious mindsets live in a tension between dissatisfaction and faith. There is dissatisfaction because we’re not experiencing all Jesus has promised. There is faith in knowing that we are improving things (leaving an inheritance), so that our children (both natural and spiritual) can bring God’s truths and experiences to full maturity. This tension between desperation and satisfaction is vital for us to work out in order to be victorious in life.

“Whatever is not from faith is sin” (Romans 14:23). We are to believe we are making a difference by planting into the spirit realm through the powerful weapons God has given us. As we do, we can have a victorious mindset that propels us to leave things better than we found them – and that will make “Daddy God” happy. 



by Steve Backlund

The TRUTH shall make you free!

What we believe is ultimately more important than what we do. The course of our lives is set by our deepest core beliefs (mindsets). These mindsets are either a stronghold for God’s purposes or a playhouse for the enemy of our souls. In Victorious Mindsets, Steve Backlund reveals 50 biblical attitudes that are foundational for those who desire to walk in the freedom and power. 

* Includes 50 Biblical Mindsets for Dynamic Living and Powerful Ministry