Laughing at Lies with Our Kids

Laughing at Lies with Our Kids

Dear Parents (Excerpt of letter to parents in LJLAT for Kids), 

Picture what your life would have been like if, as a child, you hadn’t believed any lies about yourself. Imagine if your insecurities weren’t there about the way you looked or how smart or talented you were. Imagine if fear had no power because you disarmed it with the truth about how God sees you. Imagine if you had always believed God is good and He delights in you. Take a moment and really let it play out in your mind. I would bet that you are sensing a greater freedom and joy than the reality of your childhood. Truth brings freedom and joy. 

Let’s Just Laugh at That for Kids is designed to be a tool for us to help train the important kids in our lives how to deal with the lies that come against them. They are lies that, if left unchecked, will rob them of their destiny and of thriving in life.

We believe that it is possible to create an environment where it is normal to expose lies for what they are and to walk in truth. God’s design is that children everywhere are trained in not just what to think and do, but also what to believe. Our dream is that your place of influence becomes a place where it is normal to talk about what we believe, the lies we are facing, and the truth of God’s Word. 

Here are 6 Key Principles To Know For Teaching Children How To Become Expert Laughing Lie Detectives:

God laughs in Heaven (Psalm 2:4)

What is God laughing at in this Psalm? He is chuckling at what His enemies are saying and planning. We can become more like God by laughing with Him at the ridiculousness of Satan’s lies. The phrase “Let’s just laugh at that” has the unusual ability to take the power out of demonic deceptions and prepare our hearts for the truth. For kids, we have added the picture of our laughter arming a weapon with power to destroy the lie. This enables them to have a visual picture of what is happening in the spirit realm as they laugh the power out of lies they have previously believed.

The battle is between truth and lies

John 8:32 says the truth will make you free. The Kingdom of God is not moved forward primarily by good conduct, but by good beliefs. In working with children we often focus on their conduct instead of training them to have good beliefs. However, if we address the beliefs, conduct will follow. We can teach a child how they should behave, but they will still be spiritually weak because they are believing lies. The second half of every chapter focuses on the truths to believe. Knowing truth will build a foundation of good beliefs for kids.

Truth brings hope

“Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing…” (Romans 15:13). The kids in our life need hope. Hope fills us at the moment we believe truth. Hope is what allows kids to keep walking when they don’t understand. Hope is what positions them to step into faith. We can increase our hope level by increasing our knowledge of God’s truth. We can also recognize if we are believing truth or lies by our hope level. We will grow in hope as we grow in good beliefs, and it is necessary to grow in hope so we can act on our good beliefs when circumstances get difficult.

Transforming kids’ futures comes from present mind renewal

We transform our tomorrow by transforming our minds today. The flow of power and blessing is blocked when we believe lies. Personal and situational transformation comes when we intentionally renew our minds with the truth. This is a skill set that we must teach our children if they are to reach their full potential. The focus of the hour for them and us is not “Lord, tell me what to do,” but it is “Lord, tell me what to believe.” Our children will be set up for success when we train them how to renew their minds and believe truth.

We have to let go of something in order to laugh

Just as disagreeing family members have to let go of something in order to laugh together, Christians have to let go of manipulation, bitterness, and/or unbelief to laugh. Children, compared to adults, most likely have less to let go of because of the fewer years they have lived. This may be why children naturally laugh more than adults. As we teach children to laugh at lies when they are young, it will be a skill that will keep them laughing far into their adult years, and it will prevent them from unnecessary hurt that comes when we embrace lies instead of laugh them off. To be able to laugh with our children, we have to remember that their current situation is not an indicator of our overall success.

Walk in love and wisdom as you live a joy-filled life

We are to “Rejoice with those that rejoice and weep with those that weep” (Romans 12:15). We need to be sensitive to where kids are at, and to what is going on in their lives as we seek to walk with them in increasing joy. Kids may really be having a hard time with the lies coming at them, and their circumstances may also be difficult. The tools in this book are to be used generously, but not apart from other tools like forgiveness, brave communication, discussions, and more. 

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