Word From Steve About May

Word From Steve About May

It is May (springtime here in the USA). Here are three words for this month using each letter of MAY:

Momentum – Note where you have momentum in your life and build from there. Philippians 1:6 tells us God is completing what he is started in us. As you are aware of where this completion is manifesting, it will cause you to cooperate more with what He is doing in this season. Celebrate what He is doing, instead of looking at what He is seemingly not doing.

Adapt – God is empowering you to adapt successfully to the dynamics of this new season. The context of the “I can do all things” promise of Philippians 4:13 is about supernatural adaptability. We break off and laugh at the lie that we need ideal circumstances to thrive. Ha ha

Yield – It is a time to yield to the workings of God in our life. We all have desires and plans for the seasons, but God always seems to be doing things in us we do not expect. One of the great questions to ask God is, “What is this season about? What are the deeper things you are doing in me that I need to yield to?” It is more important to become something than to do something.