Negativity Fast 2015 Testimonies

Negativity Fast 2015 Testimonies

Breakthrough in Declarations & Finances
 A week before starting the negativity fast I was involved in a car accident.  I began the Fast/Feast the following week. A few days into the fast I could already sense the hope and expectation coming through the powerful declarations I had been making with the fast. That same week, out of nowhere I received a check in the mail to cover the entire deductible on the car!  It came from someone who said they just wanted to bless me. Speaking HIS word over situations changes the river of blessing that would have flowed elsewhere to come toward me. Thank you for putting all this together and blessing people with the Fast/Feast.  I am seeing more clearly now that it isn’t situations that rule but the power of the spoken word!
–  Gail

Breakthrough in Employment & finances
I have been unemployed for the past 8 months. I have applied to hundreds of jobs and have not even been getting any interviews for work. My wife and I decided last week to join the negativity fast/positivity feast right before going to bed. We woke up to the phone ringing for Interviews, I received two calls, and a third call the next day.  When I began to feast on positivity the Holy Spirit began to move very quickly in response to my commitment and so many doors started opening. Another thing that happened was  a friend dropped a check by my house when I was not there, when I opened the door I found a check, I called that friend on the phone and he told me the Holy Spirit asked him to give me that money. I needed that exact amount for a bill and the Holy Spirit took care of it. I was so excited!  

Breakthrough in Medicine & Healing
Since starting this fast I’ve felt drawn to go to my doctor to get some anti-anxiety/anti-depression tablets, which seemed a bit odd. I’ve always been taught to “stand on God’s promises”, etc. There has been way to much for me to cope with in the last few years but I have kept trying, leaning heavily on those promises of God, but reading the declarations, especially “I’m the head not the tail …” has made me feel like going to the doctor is ok. Then today’s day 12 email just made me go “yes!” I am powerful but I need a little bit more help to sort my brain chemistry to get myself back on track to live out all that God has promised for me. I feel excited about where God is now and how He will fulfil some of the amazing words I’ve had spoken over me. It is no longer me in my strength declaring but in my weakness letting God, along with the help of medicine make me whole with no shame attached. Thank you!
– Diane

Breakthrough in Unexpected Income & Creativity
Since starting the Fast my finances have significantly improved, I’ve sensed hope rising within me for the mountains in my life to be cast into the sea! I’ve been able to sell two of my paintings which is a new experience for me!   My paintings are also improving and I eagerly anticipate more answers to prayers. Thank you!

Breakthrough from Emotional Bondage
Today brought an immense break through from ‘emotional bondage’ that has been in my life for years! Wow, what Wendy shared regarding” feelings” was the sword of the Spirit sweetly going deep into my spirit and severing a life-long battle. I am free today to speak what God says and not speak what I feel.  I spoke to that “emotional-bondage” to be removed and cast into the sea in Jesus name today! Now I am free to hear what God says over me! God even encouraged me through the following two verses in Gal 2:20 and 2 Cor 5:17. Thank you Steve for speaking breakthrough and thank you Wendy for speaking your words of victory in Jesus Christ that help set me free!
– Beth

Breakthrough in Words & Speaking Life
What you are “saying” in your writings on this fast is hitting a target in me.  I am becoming more awake to what comes out of my mouth and am surprised how often the words I speak are not aligned with life, peace, hope and truth. Wow!  I was asleep to my verbiage until reading your words and am becoming more awake to what is coming out of me.  I am stopping now before negative words come out and waiting on God before speaking. What you are teaching here is GREAT STUFF and it works!!!! Thank you!
– Diane

Breakthrough in Peace
When I started this fast peace was something that would take me sometimes days or even weeks to find and grab onto. Now it is the second week of this negativity fast and positivity feast and I have noticed even on days where I have 14-16 hours of work, school, and meetings my peace “muscle” has been getting much stronger. When some mornings I’m running on only 4 hours of sleep it feels almost like a shield that protects my heart when the lies come. Thank you so much for what you guys do and I am excited for the rest of this fast/feast and the rest of my life to be able to actually enjoy it!
– Steven

Breakthrough in Joy & Laughter
Over a year ago my wife left me. I was visiting Bethel church over January and had the opportunity to hear you Steve and Wendy speak. It was life changing for me. I was really negative and depressed and learning to laugh at lies has radically set me free. Yesterday our five year old son was doing some painting when all of a sudden he started laughing and said, “dad I’m laughing because Jesus is our friend and the devil is a loser”. Thank you so much for what you do. I am learning to laugh and have joy in the most stressful chaotic situations I have ever faced.
– Stew

Breakthrough from Past & Identity
Just loving the transformation of laughing and positive thinking that is developing in me and setting me free! Thank you , thank you, thank you! I am so free from my past! God is so good! I am even forgetting what was holding me back and can now only see what God says about me.
– Russ & Cindy

Breakthrough in Positivity & Influence in the Workplace
On day one my co-workers gathered for our morning coffee chat and the topic of conversation brought up was ‘What are you giving up for Lent?’ Many answered and then came my turn. “Rebecca, what are you giving up for Lent?” “Well”,, I responded, I am actually doing a Negativity Fast/feast.” “Huh”, ‘What?”…”Well”, I responded, “I get the opportunity for the next 40 days to give up negativity, speaking negatively or thinking negative thoughts.” Immediately one co-worker responded, ‘Hummmppff, good luck with that!!!!” In my spirit I responded – Wow, Lord, thank you!!! My first opportunity to …… let’s just laugh at that response!!!

On day nine, that same co-worker entered my office and asked a question about an application and why it was not working properly. I sat for a moment and responded, “Well, let’s look at it positively…what DOES work with the current application and let’s go from there”. Today, I have to do a presentation in front of several administrators on site at a hospital. I believe that the presentation is going to be the best one presented all week!!! Thank you for this wonderful ministry!!! I hope my husband & I can attend one of your conferences this year! Blessings to you & your team!!!!
– Rebecca

Breakthrough in Hope
This is my wife and I’s first negativity fast. All I can say is, AWESOME!!  Along with Global Legacy’s online Leadership Development Programs one and two, and the Bethel church family, you can imagine how pumped up we are! Each day gets better. Today is day 8, “We are called to be supernatural”. There is no impossible situations with our Father. The hopeless situations we are facing are now full of hope and life.Greater testimonies are on there way!!
– Pastor Jack

Breakthrough in Renewing Joy & God’s Goodness
This fast has been just incredible for getting my soul focused again on the Lord and renewing the joy of my salvation! I have been experiencing an increase in joy as my hope abounds in knowledge and in depth of insight from the word each day. I had two big answers to my declarations already! A financial provision was approved and a door opened for me to speak to my city about the things of God. I’m bursting with excitement! Thank you Jesus! I am looking for answers and seeing opportunities every day to experience God’s faithfulness and goodness!
– Angela

Breakthrough in peace & Workplace
I am doing my declarations in my classroom today before my 5th graders come in with all of their energy, home stress, insecurity, questions, and hormones. I have had a lot of peace flood over me during the day of this fast!
– Deb

Breakthrough from Lies
I had been living in fear my whole life. I was afraid of everything. I knew I needed change but barely received breakthrough and the breakthrough I did receive did not last. I have already changed since day one of this fast! The fear was loosening its grip and I laughed at lies all day long. I had NO idea how many lies I was believing! Now I laugh and laugh and I am becoming more free every day. I am being set free from perfectionism, fear, negativity, insecurity, religion and I am resting in His wonderful love. Thank you so much.
– Jena

Breakthrough from Anger with Increased Hope & Joy
I woke up this morning just knowing that My God was going to give me plenty of reason to smile and I could endlessly give Him thanks for the Joy and Peace in my heart. I was very early, actually couldn’t even really sleep looking at my clock every hour until the alarm went off. I dropped my husband off at work and proceeded to begin my day. Within just one hour, I had allowed the devil to creep in my mind and all of a sudden I had an attitude, I was impatient, snapped at my mother, slamming doors I mean seriously. So I hopped into my car and looked in my backseat and there I see “Steve’s Lists of Declarations.” I swiped up that list, remembering some of each section and I tell myself ‘I totally need to hear these.’ So I sit in silence and read each declaration section three times over. And each time I progressed I began to feel more and more Peace and Calmness and all of a sudden all my Joy was restored. I accepted it, I believed it and I received it in His name. This Negativity fast and Positivity Feast has certainly given me an unknowing and uncontrollable joy and Faith in Him that I have found to be indescribable and absolutely CONTAGIOUS!
– Carlisha

Breakthrough in speaking Blessing
We live in a rented duplex, in which the owners of the property live in the other side of the duplex – next door. Recently their 17 year old son got his licence, and has taken to parking his car on our front lawn (where our own 17 year old daughter often parks). This has caused a lot of frustration amongst my family and we have asked the neighbours son lots of times to move his car and not to park there, we have also asked his mum if her son can not park on our front lawn. Anyway i came home the other day and his car was again parked on our front lawn, so I started thinking how I can turn my frustration into higher level thinking and right beliefs. The Lord said to me, when he parks on your front lawn, he is coming under your covering, so you actually have the opportunity to bless him. So I started to believe, every time my neighbours son parks his car on our front lawn, it’s impossible for him to not be blessed by God or have God encounters. I even went out laid hands on his car, walked around it, speaking God encounters over him and blessing over him and his car (even though he was not in it). Laugh out loud, the car didn’t move for three whole days – God was giving me lots of opportunity to reinforce my new beliefs about this situation. Now it’s not as much a concern or frustration to me, and each time in the future I see it parked there I will release blessing and encounter over it and him. I’m believing that through this shift in my thinking and beliefs, he will have an encounter with Jesus that will be life transforming for him and his family. My frustration is now become an opportunity for blessing and encounter in the lives of others – Praise God!
– Pastor Rob