5 Powerful Phrases for Parents - LJLAT for Kids

5 Powerful Phrases for Parents – LJLAT for Kids

One way we help create a culture where kids easily recognize the enemy’s lies and combat them with truth is to have common and recognizable language. Here are 5 powerful phrases to make common-place as you walk with children on the journey of hope-filled believing.

1) “Who told you that?”

Many times, our past is speaking to us things that are not true. When we hear phrases that cause hopelessness about our future, we have to ask ourselves, “Who told you that?” If Jesus told you, through the Bible or by speaking it directly to you, you can trust it is the truth. If you learned to believe it another way and it isn’t what God says, then it’s a lie. If what you believe isn’t what you would encourage your friend with, and if it doesn’t bring hope, then it is a lie.

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2) “There is always a solution.”

Sometimes, especially as a child, it seems like there is no way out of a hard situation. No matter what we try to do, nothing seems to change. The truth is that there is always a way through it. Luke 1:37 says that nothing is impossible with God. When we choose to believe that there is a solution, we are in the right place to find that solution with God.

3) “The joy of the Lord is my strength!”

No one can steal our joy. It comes from God, and He gives it freely to us. Joy is God’s way of giving us strength. There are always going to be hard days. The good news is that we get to choose how werespond to them. When we choose joy, strength is released to us to deal with the hard times. We get to choose to be joyful.

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4) “What does God’s Word say?”

Just because something feels true does not make it the truth. Sometimes I feel like my friend doesn’t like me because they didn’t smile at me. It feels like they stopped being my friend but the truth is that they are just having a bad day because their dog died or someone yelled at them. Lies can often feel really true, especially when we have believed them for a long time. When we become great lie detectives, we know that feelings don’t make something true. The Word of God is the truth that we can live our lives by.

5) “Look what God has done!”

There is always something to celebrate. While we are still on a journey, celebrating our growth is a key tool in defeating the enemy’s lies. Look intentionally for areas where you have already grown. The goal in fighting lies is not to be perfect, but to keep growing. 

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