Pastors Coach Is Launching!!

Pastors Coach Is Launching!!

Michael Brodeur and his team are passionate about helping pastors and ministry leaders overcome every obstacle to build thriving churches that bring transformation to souls, saints and the spheres of society. In pursuit of this goal, they have built an amazing website called www.PastorsCoach.com, that provides a five-prong approach to helping leaders bring Kingdom impact to the world around them. Here is what my friend Michael says about the assessment:

  • The PC Assessment will help you identify the areas that are holding you back from fulfilling the vision that God has given you. This 100-point assessment comes with over 100 ten-minute training videos and written essays to equip you to overcome every limitation.

  • Our PC Training Resources are designed to move you and your leaders from “information to transformation”. There is a difference between teaching and training. We aim to present our material in a manner that will train leaders to be effective in every area of ministry. We will be releasing new training modules on an ongoing basis.

  • Our Coaching Team provides seasoned counsel and support to help you set goals, troubleshoot obstacles and achieve results.

  • DestinyFinder.com is an amazing feature that will help your people discover and develop their gifts and callings in the Lord. It is also an excellent way to motivate and mobilize your members for service in the Kingdom.

  • The PC Community provides connection with other Kingdom-minded leaders who are on the same journey as you. Pastoring can be a lonely job and this community will be a source of strength and support into the future.

As part of this initial launch, Pastor’s Coach is offering the PC Assessment and Resources at a huge discount for those who sign up right away. For more information, go to www.PastorsCoach.com and sign up on the mailing list and you will receive all the details.