Praying in Faith, Part 1

Praying in Faith, Part 1

Praying in Faith, Part 1

by Wendy Backlund


“Mary has chosen the best part” (Luke 10:42).

Often people spend much effort and time praying over a circumstance hoping that time and quantity of prayer will bring the desired result. The hope is that perhaps faith will increase through this effort and thus the prayer will be answered.

This kind of thinking implies that faith is built by the amount of time and energy expended. We need to understand that faith does not come through our effort. Faith is a result of what we “know.” Our “measure of faith” will increase in proportion to the revelation we have of God’s character, His love, and His promises toward us. 

Often we do not realize the value of spending time with God when we are not praying for needs. The reason we worship, quietly wait in His presence, and search the scripture is mainly to build a relationship and to learn about the character, power, and love of God. Our intimacy and relationship with Him will have a direct correlation to our level of faith; not because it “earns” us more authority, but because it gives something for our faith to stand on. 

Declare: My trust and faith in God grows in the proportion to how much I know His character, goodness and trustworthiness. I therefore spend much time in His presence developing intimacy with Him.

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