Serious Joy

Serious Joy

I have become serious about joy. We all have within us the power and ability to become abundantly joyful. As believers, we are full of His Spirit, and “in His Presence is fullness of joy,” (Psalm 16:11). Notice how that verse does not say “Halfness of joy,” it says, “Fullness of joy.” His presence may not always produce joy, but if we never or rarely have fullness of joy, we must evaluate our concept of God. Joy is to increase as we go deeper in our relationship with God. Religious tradition, however, has devalued the role that gladness and laughter have for personal victory and kingdom advancement.

For years when I was in a church service and someone starting crying, I would think, “Bless God. That person is getting a touch from God because they are crying. That must be God.” It probably was God; on the other hand, when someone would start laughing or making noises, I was certain that it could not be God.

If we are to truly do what we see the Father doing, then we need to laugh more. In Psalm 2:4 we read, “He Who sits in the Heavens laughs.” He is laughing at what His enemies are planning and saying. If we want to be like God, then we must join in with this heavenly hilarity. If God is laughing at what the devil is proclaiming, then we should join Him. Laughter is obviously not the only weapon that we use against the devil’s deceptions, but it is what the heavenly Father does, so let’s purpose to join Him and destroy the religious traditions by bringing heaven to earth with a little laughter.

No matter what the situation, laughter is a good tool to see breakthrough come and heaven come to earth. To laugh, you have to let go of something. You cannot hold on to bitterness and laugh; it is impossible to have a critical spirit and laugh. When you choose to laugh, whether it be at a lie that the enemy is trying to get you to believe or with a friend who you still think has issues, you are letting go and a stronghold is being torn down. A hearty laugh cleans out the pipes, and Godly humor gives us a new perspective that helps us to see reality rather than the falsehood that supports our unhappiness. It becomes the weapon of our warfare in the battle for our mind.

Laughter and joy does good for your body, soul, and Spirit.  Imagine being prescribed medication and the pharmacist tell you, “Take this three times a day for ten days and you will get better.” Most of us would start taking the medication, because we would believe it would work. This faith, mixed with the medication, has helped many to get well. Dr. God has given us a prescription that has tremendous potential for our strength, health, energy level, longevity, and mental clarity; it’s called a merry heart. Proverbs 17:22 says, “A merry heart is good like medicine.” Dr. God is telling us to take our “good medicine.” He is urging us to make joy and laughter a big part of our overall plan for good health for our lives.

Later this week, I’ll give you 5 keys to living a life of Joy and Gladness. Before then, don’t forget the Good Medicine, Joy Igniter on our free audio page as a tool for warming up your laugher!