Intern post - Embracing laughter, experiencing freedom

Intern post – Embracing laughter, experiencing freedom

Steve Backlund laughs…a lot. As one of his interns, I am continually being stretched by the message he carries. 

Laughing my way to freedom and healing has been the most challenging part of his message. Why? Because the lies that assault me, the difficulties of life, seemingly impossible situations, and my inability to deal with my issues is no laughing matter (let’s just laugh at that!). I have felt it would be insensitive, foolish, and down right dishonest to laugh at that which causes me so much pain. But to intern with Steve is to be confronted with laughter as “good medicine” on an almost daily basis, and so I have had to make a decision– embrace laughter as a tool of warfare, or not. 

Reluctantly, forcibly, and disingenuously, I decided that I would give this laughter thing a try. In the beginning, it hurt to laugh. But as I have continued to force myself to embrace laughter as a way to combat the lies, pain, and disappointment in life, I have found something starting to shift deep within me.

My “laugher” may still be a bit “rusty”, but as I continue to force myself to embrace (through practice) Steve’s message – it has changed me. I am finding that it is becoming easier (and more necessary) for me to laugh. Steve says, “to laugh you have to let go of something.” I have much to let go of in my life, and I have discovered that laughter really does help. I used to think that people who laughed a lot could do so because they were already free and healed (let’s just laugh at that!). Now I know, those who laugh a lot do so to get free and healed.

Written by Tom Harpham – 2013, 2014 Intern to Steve Backlund, Global Legacy regional connector, and loving husband and father.