The Power of Your God Story

The Power of Your God Story

The Power of Your God Story

by Darlene Fussle

We each have a beautiful God story unfolding in our lives. Our Abba Father promises to finish what He starts (Philippians 1:6). The word of God says we overcome the enemy by the blood of the lamb and by the word of our testimony (Revelation 12:11). 

Even though I surrendered my life to Jesus at age 5 and had walked with Him most of my life, I had a new coming to Jesus moment shortly after I graduated from high school. At that point, I was not a fully surrendered child of God. I had grown weary of religion, but I still believed in God and always hoped He would truly love me unconditionally. I remember how my mindset was, “If only I knew that I can please God and earn His approval.” Living my own way and life became meaningless quickly. I somehow ended up at a Bible school per the encouragement of family and friends. Within a month or so, I began to wake up spiritually and I knew I had to make a decision to have a real conversation with the Lord. I was believing the lie that I was too much for God to handle. He kindly and firmly spoke to my heart, “Daughter, look up. See the galaxies of stars? I spoke each of them into existence. Everything around you, I created! I made you and I know every detail about you. How are you too much for me? What I’m asking for right now, is your heart, and your surrendered ‘yes,’ to trust me again.” My heart began to feel more fully alive again as foreign tears started to fall down my face. I said, “God, I trust you fully.” Immediately peace flooded my soul and body as my spirit started to soar with greater hope, forgiveness, and freedom again. 

The next morning, I woke up and heard Him gently say to me, “Will you say, ‘yes,’ to me this morning?” I was filled with hope and delight again! My heart filled with the warmth of His tender love and voice. Of course, I said, “Yes!” As the day progressed, I would hear another question, “Will you say, ‘yes,’ to me this afternoon?” And just like a loving Father does, He continually spoke the language of my heart with kindness, firmness, delight, compassion, grace, and mercy. Weeks went by and I learned more about how to “walk with God closely.” I started to fall in love with Him rather than just know about Him and love Him. When I stumbled and fell, I felt His arms around me and He would pick me up time and time again. He saw my progress, not my pride in trying to be “perfect.” He made me righteous through the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus. That was 21 years ago and I haven’t looked back since. I’m more in love with Him today than ever! There’s nothing like His Presence. 

I’m more in love with Him today than I was yesterday! Like the old song goes, it’s true that His love gets sweeter and sweeter as the days go by. There is a song by United Pursuit called, Your Love Changes Everything. The lyrics go on: “You’re taking me by the hand again. You’ve given me strength to dance again. Your love changes everything. You never let go of me. You never fail. When I look at you, you never fail me. When I trust in You, you never let go. You never let go of me.” 

It’s so vital that we make time to remember all that the Lord has done for us in our lives. As we ponder all the ways He has come through, we can see the tapestry being woven in our lives and it becomes a beautiful masterpiece. Ask Him to remind you of the powerful testimony He has given you, the power of your story! Ask Him to reveal even more of His goodness to you. Signs and wonders will follow His story in your life. For example, take note of multiple “coincidences” and themes that keep surfacing. These coincidences are speaking to you of His love and direction in your life.  

If you don’t think you have a God story yet, why wait another minute? The message of the gospel is simple. Jesus loves you. He loves me. He loves the world. He sent His one and only Son to die in our place and He took the punishment of all of our sin that we deserved. He is more eager to hear from you than you are to speak to Him. I’m thankful I had a grace-filled, loving friend I could be real with as I shared, “I am not fully surrendered to the Lord.” He challenged me to go right away and have that personal conversation with Him. I never regretted it even in the midst of all of life’s challenges. 

Truths to Live By

  1. Know one encounter with Him changes everything.
  2. Acknowledge Him and invite Him to fill you up to overflowing.
  3. Pour your heart out to Him and tell your mind to step aside and surrender to your spirit.
  4. Ask Him to show you how He sees you.
  5. Ask Him to show His heart to you.
  6. Thank and praise Him for this moment right now, for today, for the little and big things.
  7. Let Him minister to you. The more you can receive His love, the more you can love yourself, love others and even begin to like yourself in a healthy way.
  8. Stand on the promises He gives you from His word and from others who encourage you.
  9. Write down your core values and from that place, plan your day and live your life.
  10. Find at least one person a day to encourage each day. 
  11. Stay accountable with at least two or three “strength friends.” 
  12. Believe you are a child of God always and forever, no matter how seasoned you become as a leader. 
  13. Find a place where you can connect with others, grow, and serve. 

I have certain core values by which I live my life. Here are a few of them that I have really learned to grow in while attending the School of Supernatural Ministry at Bethel in the past three years: God is Good, Salvation Creates Identity, Focus on His Presence, Respond to Grace, Create Healthy Family, His Word Transforms Me, Jesus Empowers Supernatural Ministry, His Kingdom Advances, Free and Responsible, Honor Affirms Value, and Hope in a Glorious Bride. 

Ask Holy Spirit which core value to focus on in this season of your life. For example, mine has been, “Focus on His Presence.” I discovered three keys to staying focused on Him in the midst of a busy schedule, challenges, and victories. 

3 Keys to Greater Breakthrough

  1. Receive the supernatural love He gives you: Spend intentional time with Him in your quiet time. There’s such a difference in doing something FOR God rather than experiencing relationship and longing to spend time with Him just because. 
  2. Worship: Personal and Corporate
  3. Seek first His kingdom. Trust in Him. Everything we need is in His Presence. Out of that overflow, we build relationships with others and grow into greater childlike, maturity. 

The world will see His goodness, light, and love in and through your life! His Presence changes us and everything around us! 

Say this with me: “I partner with Holy Spirit in rising and shining again and again. I am because He is (John 15:15)! I say “yes” to the call of God to shine (Isaiah 60:1). With Jesus, I bring good news to the afflicted! I bind up the broken-hearted! I proclaim liberty to captives, freedom to prisoners, and I proclaim the favorable year of the Lord. I tell others my story about how good He is in my life.”

Darlene Fussle was a writing-editing intern for Steve Backlund in 2015-2016. She resides in Redding, California where she enjoys serving and growing in community. Darlene is passionate about cultivating the Presence of God through His Word, winning souls, and healing. With a heart for pastoring, teaching, preaching, traveling, and writing, she loves all generations and all nations. 

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