Tips for Leading a Group for the Lent Negativity Fast

Tips for Leading a Group for the Lent Negativity Fast

The Igniting Hope Negativity Fast and Positivity Feast is a mini-school to equip participants with the tools and habits for transformation, designed to be done with our book, Igniting Faith in 40 Days. It is an ideal event for small or large groups to do together. Besides our special offers and discounts we have for groups, we also want to provide ideas and tips for how to lead a group successfully. 

What to do before the fast begins

  • Become familiar with Steve and Wendy’s material through this website and Wendy’s website, audio messages and video messages. Steve’s short YouTube messages are ideal for this purpose (watch below).
  • Experiment with making daily declarations. Here’s a list of my Daily Declarations to get started. 
  • Purchase a PDF version of one of Steve or Wendy’s books (besides Igniting Faith in 40 Days) to read. We recommend Declarations or Let’s Just Laugh at That.

Suggested format for groups

  • Meet weekly for at least an hour. 
  • Find ways to communicate during the week with each other on what truths are standing out to you, and to pray and encourage each other. 

Basic agenda for weekly group meetings

  • Open meeting with prayer and the reading of the day’s devotional from Igniting Faith in 40 Days
  • Share testimonies of revelations being learned or breakthroughs being experienced. 
  • Have each person share which teaching from the book, emails or video spoke to them the most from the past week (break up into small groups if needed).
  • Pray for one another.

Ideas to deepen your group’s experience

  • Watch one DVD message each week in your group meeting of Steve and Wendy’s six part Abounding Hope and Joy series
  • Laugh at lies each week in your group. 
  • Read through one the declarations lists during the group meeting. 
  • Have each person from the group have a “buddy” that they connect between the group meetings. 
  • Listen to Steve and Wendy’s weekly podcast together. 

Watch Steve’s introduction to leading groups for the Lent Negativity Fast: