Today is the Best Day

Today is the Best Day

We are moving from glory to glory, so there is greater glory today.  

I (Steve) just had a good time with Wendy reading a devotional together. It was from our book, You’re Crazy If You Don’t Talk to Yourself – about Joshua 1:8’s focus on not letting the book of the law depart from our mouth. Joshua started a chain reaction of positive events when he decided to speak on purpose.  

A shipment of the pre-release copy of my new book DECLARATIONS will arrive early next week. This book has thirty biblical reasons we make declarations, plus a lot of other good things. 

Our August newsletter will go out in the next week. If you have not signed up for it yet, you can by going to the home page of this website. 

I have been impacted by Bryan and Katie Torwalt’s worship music lately. Wow, it is good.  

I just got back from a five day road trip with some of my 2013-14 interns to Oregon. Great trip. I spoke on Saturday night in Medford on the subject of prophetic ministry. I am very excited about this message. It will be available later this week here – http://www.newsongmedford.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/information.sermons.

One of the things that I said was this, “The basis of powerful prophetic ministry is the belief that our words are powerful.”

I am meeting with my team today to discuss the various projects we are working on for the future. I am sensing a mandate from God to get this renewing the mind, hope and joy message out like never before.

Thank you for your prayers and faith concerning this next season of increase.