Victorious Mindsets #8 - I Am Going Forward in Life

Victorious Mindsets #8 – I Am Going Forward in Life

I Am Going Forward in Life

(Overcoming distraction and spiritual laziness)

“And the LORD said to Moses, ‘Why do you cry to Me? Tell the children of Israel to go forward’”      (Exodus 14:15).

There is a time to pray; and surprisingly, there is a time not to pray. This was the experience of the Children of Israel in Exodus 14, and it is also often our experience.

A stationary train can be prevented from moving forward by a small board, but a moving train can go through a brick wall. Like locomotives, “moving people” create breakthrough in and around them. This “breaker anointing” exists in the lives of forward moving people.

Back in the 70’s, I heard someone say that he found a similarity in discouraged pastors – they were not reading inspirational books. He said that he had not found any pastor reading this type of material who was depressed in ministry. It is amazing how even one sentence read or heard can change our whole outlook.

Those who exercise or focus on healthy eating habits tend to have a “going forward” life attitude that spills over into every area of life. I just read an article that stated that exercise helps decrease the likelihood of drug or alcohol addictions. This report said that something actually happens in the brain through exercise that makes the “need” for drugs or alcohol much less. Truly, moving forward in one area of life positively affects more things than we can imagine. Just as the Red Sea parted when the children of Israel went forward, things will open up for us, too. To live this out, here are some suggestions for going forward in your life:

  • Have a daily time with God (Bible, prayer, devotional, etc.).
  • Regularly listen to worship music or audio teachings.
  • Go back to school. Get your degree. Acquire new skills.
  • Find an exercise buddy and exercise regularly.
  • Take one day a month to organize and plan.
  • Attend marriage and family enrichment times at least yearly. Have special times to seek the Lord.
  • Read inspirational books.