What are Strongholds of Blessing?

What are Strongholds of Blessing?

Enjoy Wendy Backlund’s revelations on this pertinent question about strongholds:

Someone asked me the question, “What are strongholds of blessing?” It’s a good question!

Many people believe that strongholds are only negative. If in the unseen realm, negative choices can create strongholds, then how much more can the kingdom of God create strongholds? 

For example, when someone is under a curse related to having a stronghold in their family line such as accidents or financial debts, no matter how much they try to do the right things, they still experience bad things. A curse affects the unseen realm and it manifests in the natural realm. 

If this is true, then how much MORE can a blessing create a positive stronghold? I asked myself one day, “Why do I have faith for the negative curses that are strongholds in my family, but I do not have any faith for the stronghold of a blessing?” I started to realize that there are strongholds in our lives that are good. Consider Obed-Edom from the Bible. He had the Ark of the Covenant parked in his backyard and blessings started to overtake him (2 Samuel 6:10). A stronghold of blessing was so powerful that all of his neighbors could see something supernatural was happening. 

When unsaved people can create negative strongholds, how much more can we create strongholds of blessing? 

I like to pray for the strongholds of the city for what God intended it to look like. If you see a negative stronghold in your city such as poverty, perversion, etc., it gives a clue of what the enemy is trying to steal from the city. I pray for holiness, prosperity, and health over the city. 

We get to help build the stronghold. I was taking communion one day in church and I was doing it religiously. God asked me, “Do you know that every time you take communion, you are creating a stronghold in your city?” If we understand that when people continually do bad, it creates a negative stronghold in the city, then why can’t that happen for the good? Every time we come together and worship, our families, city and nation are being blessed by these good strongholds we’ve cultivated.