Living From Your Spirit and Shifting Atmospheres

Living From Your Spirit and Shifting Atmospheres

Living From Your Spirit and Shifting Atmospheres

by Wendy Backlund

One day God asked me if I knew how He entered the room where His disciples were hiding in John 20:19-20. Based on the ghost movies I had seen in the past, I concluded that He could walk through the walls, because He had no substance. Then I heard Him say, “No, Wendy, I can walk through walls because I have more substance than the wall.” The wall had less substance than He did, therefore, He could pass through it.

When you think about it, creation cannot have more substance than the creator. It sounds like an insignificant detail, but this revelation allowed me to place more faith in the unseen realm, because I began seeing God and His realm as having greater weight than my circumstances and things that were “seen” in this natural realm. I truly began to see this natural and visible realm as what will pass away, and His Spirit and our spirit as having the greater permanence and authority over the earth.

I believe we need to cultivate an awareness of our spirit and the spirit realm. A lot of people ask me “How do you connect with the spirit that’s within you?” Start to imagine your spirit like a sponge which when there is water added to the sponge, it expands. When the water gets squeezed out, it contracts. When we’re in worship in God’s presence or we’ve been soaking up the Word in His presence, you can feel your spirit man beginning to expand. You felt so empowered by God, enlarged on the inside and you felt like you could leap over tall mountains and take on bullets. That’s your spirit when it has come alive. 

I believe our spirit man can actually be bigger than our physical body. Now when you are aware of what can happen in the presence of God, can I challenge you to intentionally become aware of when your spirit is expanding and when it’s contracting? What are the thoughts that are affecting your spirit in each of these situations? As a young Christian I was very aware of the spirit of fear and perversion present in a room, especially when I walked into a hotel room, this gave me bad feelings and horrible dreams. What I didn’t understand was that if there was a substance of the demonic realm then there had to be even greater substance to God’s realm. This changed through an encounter I had were I attempted to leave a room because of an angry bitter women who was affecting the atmosphere. Suddenly I heard God quote 1 John. 4:4″ – He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.” Immediately I saw the spirit of peace had more power to influence the atmosphere than any spirit of oppression or fear. I felt myself clothed with the substance of His peace and love, and I could tell that His presence within me was changing the atmosphere. 

Have you ever walked into a store or a public place and suddenly felt tired, confused or anxious? Often, we are picking up on a nearby person’s spirit that is under that influence. In these situations, pay attention to your feelings and take note whether the condition remains after you leave. By doing this, you will learn to gauge the difference between oppression in the atmosphere and what is really going on in your spirit. The exciting point of this is that we can do something about it. By intentionally choosing to put our faith in His presence and His power through our spirits, we can have a powerful influence on every environment that we enter. Being aware of the unseen realm and its ability to influence people and atmospheres is really just acknowledging that the Kingdom of God is at hand and within reach (Matt.3:2). 

Declare this aloud with me: The substance of God’s love and peace overwhelms people everywhere I go.

Bless you on this journey!